2 09, 2022

August Newsletter

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Summer events are coming to an endThe heat may have been too much for some people, but we can’t complain about the lack of a summer this year! Although the number of outdoor events this year has been good news for commercial drone operators, extreme temperatures can be a challenge with drones overheating. Cooler weather means it’ll be easier to plan flights in the knowledge that heat-related technical problems won’t lead to postponement. [...]

26 08, 2022

Top Tips For Hiring A Drone Operator

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If you ever find yourself needing to hire a commercial drone operator, the following tips will ensure you get the best outcome. The use of drones is becoming increasingly popular and operators with the right qualifications, skills and experience are in high demand. Some specialise in one industry or field of work, such as drone roof inspections, but others offer a range of services. [...]

5 08, 2022

DSR July Newsletter

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Extreme Heat Temperatures soared in July, with the UK average exceeding 30 degrees on the 18th and 19th of July. We shouldn’t moan about this year’s heatwave of course as it’ll be back to short daylight hours and constant rain again before we know it! But the heat did mean most of our operators took a well-deserved break. In extreme heat there are risks of the electronics or batteries in drones suffering damage, so temperatures must be taken into account for safety. [...]

29 07, 2022

What is Drone Safe Register?

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What is Drone Safe Register?Drone technology emerged and developed so quickly that aviation bodies and law enforcement around the world were in catch-up mode for a couple of years. Organisations like the CAA had to understand the risks drones presented to manned aircraft and formulate a strategy to keep up. As an earlier adopter of drones, Mark Boyt quickly saw the need for an independent organisation to ensure they were used safely and in the best interests of the general public. Mark also saw the fantastic business opportunities drones created in the right hands - roof inspections, [...]

22 07, 2022

How to Hire a Drone Operator for Your Next Video Production

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Find a Qualified Drone PilotWith the cost of drones reducing as the technology improves you may be tempted to buy a drone and produce footage yourself. If your vision is a movie-quality video it’s far better to hire a drone pilot with the right skills, equipment and experience. Aerial filming with a drone takes a combination of skills - you need to be able to fly a drone safely and within the law, have an eye for cinematography and composition and know the best way to capture the subject from the air.Drone Safe Register is the UK’s largest network of drone professionals, and we c [...]

15 07, 2022

Applications Of Aerial Photography

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Aerial photography isn’t new, but it’s the advent of drone technology that means it’s so accessible and readily available. In the past, you needed a helicopter, aircraft or hot air balloon to capture images from the air, but drones have revolutionised aerial photography. The types and applications are very wide, starting with aerial reconnaissance aircraft back in World War One! [...]

7 07, 2022

June Newsletter

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It’s been a steady month in the DSR office, probably due to the approaching holiday season. We are seeing an increase in Drone Event Bookings as summer is officially here.The store has been very busy, with Tom rushed off his feet sorting orders for the incredible DJI Mini 3 Pro. There’s always a lot of excitement around a new product launch but this one really has been a game-changer. Some of the images and footage captured on the Mini 3 Pro by members have blown us away! If you haven’t checked it out yet we recommend you take a look at the spec and see what all the hype is abo [...]

29 06, 2022

What Is A Drone Inspection?

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Drones have revolutionised inspections of hard-to-reach assets such as wind turbines, cell towers and roofs. Hundreds of industries require visual inspections as part of maintenance programs, and drones have several advantages over traditional, manual methods.Firstly, the risks of using ladders, ropes and scaffolding are eliminated. There are of course health and safety procedures to follow when using drones, but the risks are far less than those associated with having workers access hard-to-access areas. A drone inspection can be far quicker than a manual one, with a drone collectin [...]

21 06, 2022

Can You Make Money As A Drone Operator

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How much can a drone operator earn?Many may dream of making money flying drones for a living, but is it really a viable business? And how much can a drone operator earn? It depends on a number of factors, but don’t assume it’s going to be easy money! Like anything in life, you’ll get out what you put in. As a small business operator, you’ll be responsible for everything - marketing your drone business, turning enquiries into sales, dealing with customers and managing finances as well as the actual flying. With hard work and a little luck on your side you will make money, but [...]

13 06, 2022

Why are drones being used at events?

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was a great showcase of how drones can be used at events. We’ve become used to seeing stunning aerial shots seamlessly edited between ground-based filming, but it wouldn’t be possible without drone technology. Helicopters were used in the past, but the cost and practicalities mean drones are far easier to use. Safety is key of course, particularly when aircraft are flown near large crowds, but an experienced, qualified drone event operator there are no real concerns.The spectacular ending to the Jubliee concert involved 400 drones lighting up the sk [...]

6 06, 2022

Can you make money with Drones in 2023?

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Turning a hobby or interest into a business is the dream of thousands of people every year. When it comes to drone flying, it really is possible and doesn’t have to just be a dream. As with starting any business, determination, a desire to learn new skills and persistence are required. But thousands of people across the UK are now making money from drones, either as a full-time business or to supplement other income. [...]

30 05, 2022

May Newsletter

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It’s been another busy month for the team at Drone Safe. Enquiries are picking up for events and inspections and it’s great to see so much activity in the member networking group. The launch of the DJI Mini 3 Pro went down a storm and we were really pleased to get some out to members - the first in the UK! Early feedback has been fantastic and the Mini 3 really is a game-changer for sub-250g drones. [...]

20 05, 2022

Roof Inspections Using Drones in 2023

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Why would someone need a roof inspection?There are many reasons why you may need to arrange a roof inspection, and the advent of drone technology has revolutionised the process. Drone inspections are generally cheaper, quicker to arrange and produce more detailed results than traditional methods involving ladders and scaffolding. High-resolution cameras and thermal imaging equipment can provide a wealth of data for analysis.The most common reason for a roof inspection is to check for damage when there are leaks. Missing tiles and damage caused by debris in storms is common in the UK, [...]

13 05, 2022

Make Sure Your Drone Pilot is Insured

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What is drone insurance?There are different types of drone insurance, some optional and some required by law. For a hobby drone flyer, it makes sense to insure their equipment and this is available at very reasonable prices. Some drone owners assume that their equipment is covered by Home Insurance but this isn’t necessarily the case. As well as the drone and related equipment, specialist drone insurance policies for recreational use usually include cover for damage to third party property - for example, if the drone hits a car. [...]

6 05, 2022

Drone Photography In 2023

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Are you making the most of your aerial photos and footage?If you’re regularly taking photos with your drone, uploading them for sale on sites such as Drone Safe Register Stock, is a quick and easy way to generate some cash. Don’t leave those stunning aerial shots on your hard drive when they could be making you money while you sleep!If you’re not familiar with stock photography, it's a long-established way for magazines, website owners and other businesses to get quality images without the expense of commissioning a photographer. For example, say a magazine wants a photograph o [...]

29 04, 2022

Drone Safe Register April Newsletter

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April has historically been a quiet month for drone jobs, but it’s actually been quite a busy one for Drone Safe Register Members. We have soon a lot of Aerial Inspections and event bookings in the month of April.As always, the networking group has been a great source of work for many members and we love seeing the activity and the amount of work being shared. If you are a DSR member and you haven’t joined the networking group yet you’re missing out, so get in touch and join the party. Some of the requests for help have included -A 12-month contract recording a construction pro [...]

22 04, 2022

A Business Built on Safe, Legal Drone Flights

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As the name of our organisation suggests, we are all about safe drone flying - safe and legal. When our CEO Mark Boyt created Drone Safe Register it was with a vision to be able to offer the benefits drones can bring to the general public. The technology has advanced at a rapid pace since, and drones are far easier and safer to fly. But in the wrong hands and without the right training and experience a drone can still cause harm.  [...]

8 04, 2022

Using Drones For Events In 2022

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Using Drones For Events In 2022 It seems hard to believe but it's been over two years since Prime Minister Johnson put the country into lockdown as the seriousness of Covid-19 became apparent. March 23rd 2020 was the day the nation tuned in to hear those words, “Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and travel.” Our world changed in an instant with working from home became the ‘new normal.’ Contact with family and friends was severely restricted and parties and events were strictly off the table. It’s been a very hard couple of years, but with most of t [...]

1 04, 2022

Drone Safe Register March Newsletter

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The Weather showed what summer has in store for 2022The unexpected ‘heatwave’ in March gave us a taste of hopefully what’s to come in the Summer. Unfortunately, it was followed only days later by snow across many parts of the country! Those few days of great weather did at least give drone pilots opportunities to get out flying - and a lot of it was paid work and not just fun. We saw a major increase in our private network of people going outside and enjoying their drones and taking stock images and uploading them to drone safe register stock. [...]