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Are you looking to complete a Roof Survey? Perhaps you’re looking to assess a roof you anticipate might be damaged, or you’re looking to buy a property and want to check the condition of the roof before purchasing. You may even want a standard surveyance completed as part of your annual roof management schedule. 
Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, Drone Safe Register™ is able to put you in touch with trained, safe and insured, professional drone operators with no agency fees or commissions. 
Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones) our professional and experienced operators are able to survey roofs of private, commercial, and industrial buildings in a more affordable, efficient, and safe way. 
Why use drones for roof surveys?
Not only are drones a cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional data collection methods, but this invaluable technology paired with experienced and skilled drone pilots allows access to potentially dangerous and completely inaccessible roof spaces without putting anyone in danger.
Drone roof surveying not only provides a safer access platform but also increases the speed of access and data capture. 
With the ability to identify both minor and major problems efficiently, this data collection method remains a high-quality and high-resolution evidence-based alternative to support comprehensive surveyance reports. 
Bypassing the need for the erection of scaffolding, using drones for surveys will save you time and money, all while achieving advanced results and reducing possible dangers. In the case of completing a pre-purchase roof survey, a house is likely to be the largest investment that you will ever make and the condition of the roof is vital to the value of that investment. What seems like minor damage can fast develop into something more serious that costs you far more money to repair and risks damaging the internal structures of your home.
Drone roof surveying ensures that any risk of danger is minimised. By assessing private, commercial, and industrial roofing using drone technology, our experienced operators are able to provide detailed photographic evidence supporting surveyance reports before any one person is physically on the roof to carry out targeted resolutions. In addition to the dangers of accessing a potentially damaged roof, it is often the case with older listed buildings that access is not an option, being either obstructed or hidden, minimising and in most cases ruling out access even with the use of ladders and scaffolding.
Our network of over 500 skilled, trained and experienced drone operators are based all over the UK. With extensive knowledge and experience providing data for roofing surveyors, some even being surveyors themselves. 
It is imperative that the roof’s structure and maintenance requirements are adequately assessed in detail for the purpose of safety. Our UAV/Drone pilots are trained to optimise data capture, ensuring that both HD video footage and stills are available to assess any potential damage in detail, aiding the resolution process. 
Our Drone Operators are fully licensed, experienced and insured individuals, holding all of the relevant certifications and permissions to fly in congested areas. All of our professional operators carry a Drone Safe Register™ ID. Don’t risk it, always ask to see ID. 

An aerial roof survey can look at the following factors in the course of a short flight and provide you with detailed images of the roof covering a number of different areas, such as: 
  • Ridge tiles
  • Valleys and gullies
  • Chimney stacks
  • Flat roofs
  • Roof windows and skylights
  • Dormer roofs
  • Flashing condition around chimneys and windows
  • Guttering and drainage systems
How much will a drone survey cost?
Survey costs vary depending on a number of factors. Drone roof inspections are now widely available in the UK, and these are often a more cost-effective solution. The average drone survey costs upwards of £150 plus VAT. However, the price of each survey depends on a number of factors, such as:
  • Size of the property 
  • Location of the property (Rural or Congested)
  • Type of building (Commercial, Private or Industrial)
  • Ease of access at the property
  • The proximity of building to the local airport or public building of interest (this limits fly-zones)
Our Instant Quote System is quick and easy to use. 
Simply enter the postcode for the location you’re requesting a drone roof inspection, select the service type you require (Aerial Video or Image), select the number of quotes you require, and submit the request.
Our professional members will be in touch with you upon the submission of your service request to discuss the quotation and any additional information they may need to know to carry out the service in the safest way possible. 
If you have any questions about our operator’s Drone Roof Survey service, please feel free to get in touch on 01243 882 440, alternatively, you can email [email protected].


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