Nationwide Network of Professional Drone Operators

Drone Safe Register™ is a FREE service for customers to locate and hire professional drone operators.

We have pride in our ability to connect you with the nations largest network of professional drone operators that are Trained, Safe and Insured.
You can now find and book CAA Approved Drone Operators directly through Drone Safe Register™ without any agency fees or commissions, saving hundreds of pounds!
For information, we have set out and explained a number of the available services we offer through our Professional Network.
Property Maintenance, Construction and Aerial Property Photography
Our multitude of services are primarily requested for Property Maintenance (Surveys and Inspections), Construction and Property Marketing. Learn more about the services we provide from the list below.
Using a drone for a roof inspection/surveys has many advantages over traditional methods, including:
  • High-resolution aerial data collection
  • Quality condition reports of gutters, chimneys and roof space with additional roof mapping and thermal inspection capabilities
  • Access to hidden/inaccessible areas of the roof
  • Quick turn around times of aerial data collection and data transfer
  • Savings of 60-70% in comparison to traditional data collection methods
  • No need to hire scaffolding and access equipment
  • Safe and efficient access
Drone mapping is growing increasingly popular because of the range of applications it enables. Our network of professional members have the ability and high-end equipment to create 2D and 3D maps for a number of different applications.
3D mapping is completed using a number of layered stills and photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is essentially the science of creating measurements from photographs enabling operators to create a 2D or 3D map and building models, to name a few.
Among our professional members, we have Time-Lapse specialists. This function is ideal for capturing constructions in progress.
A number of our professional drone operators are equipped with specialised drones and payloads to ensure the effective capture of Aerial Thermal Imagery.
Completing non-intrusive inspections is a high priority with the on-going pandemic; however, this effective data capture form also allows skilled operators to spot defects in the surveyed zone.
This unique data capture form allows the assessment of properties thermal performance and detects potential issues, increasing efficiency in the process of ascertaining the issue and arranging for it to be resolved.
Thermal imagery can also be used to indicate the thermal performance of openings such as doors and windows, locate missing animals/people and access the habitation of certain areas.
This pioneering service allows skilled drone operators to capture close proximity footage. With cinematic style capture capabilities, this form of aerial video shooting enables seamless storytelling functions, perfect for engaging audiences in your location and associated services.
This unique interpretation of media presentation allows you to engage new audiences with new angles. The combination of extreme stabilisation and high-resolution provides flawless footage that makes promoting your business a seamless process.
Film, TV and other high-end data capture applications
Our Professional Members offer an array of different ground and aerial photography/filming perspectives to create diverse content for your service requirements. Read more in the list below about the content capture and post-production creation opportunities our members offer.
CableCam is designed for point to point filming through rough terrains or crowds. This data capture form achieves a dynamic, clear and smooth filming solution for occasionally unforgiving filming environments.
A number of our professional members use CableCam to capture ultra-smooth transitional or following shots. This dynamic and versatile service is perfect for capturing expansive aerial video shots and available through our nationwide network of professionals.
A huge number of our professional members are extremely skilled in postproduction services, often offering drone services and postproduction as a packaged deal. Looking for postproduction services? Use our
This unique still image and film capture form is achieved with a mounted camera motion stabiliser, perfect for tracking shots. With a number of professional members having experience within the TV and Film industry, Drone Safe Register™ is an ideal place to find a catalogue of SteadiCam Movi operators.
Our professional members are also able to offer sound and lighting services as production packages. 
We are crowdfunding
Over the last 5 years, Drone Safe Register™ has established itself as the industry-leading, UK based Drone Operator platform.
Our Professional Members are highly skilled individuals that have combined their passion for the drone industry, with their skills for achieving the perfect shot for all requirements.
Because of our ever-growing network, we are able to connect customers with a number of different operators across the nation, with a multitude of capabilities and skillsets.
Our platform is designed to connect you with trained, safe and insured drone operators. All of our professional members have a shared passion for the drone industry and have been CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved, giving you all of the reassurance you need that your service request is being completed by a safe and insured operator.
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We are crowdfunding on Crowdcube to accelerate our business growth opportunities, follow the link to our Crowdcube profile for more information.
*Edit - We are no longer crowdfunding, however, if you have any queries about investment opportunities, please do get in touch on 01243 882440.*


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