FPV Drone Filming

FPV Drone Filming

A number of our professional drone operators offer a specialist FPV (First-Person View)  service for Drone Photography and Video.

Our Drone Pilots are all CAA approved professionals within the drone industry. 

We take pride in our trained, safe and insured nationwide network of skilled and experienced individuals.  

Our pilots work on several projects, working in often challenging and restricted environments to deliver high-quality aerial data. 

FPV is an extremely specialised skill, which takes time and dedication to master. We are lucky enough to have many extremely talented FPV pilots across the United Kingdom, ready for hire.

The set up of FPV flights requires a two-man team. The camera on the drone streams LIVE to virtual reality goggles worn by the flight operator.  A second operator is on hand to ensure the drone remains in visual line of sight and to increase awareness of potential in-flight hazards. 

This flying type allows our professionals to capture high-resolution, creative and cinematic shots. Perfect for close-up inspections and adrenaline-fuelled filmmaking.

Reach unreachable areas

Acrobatic shots

Post-production quality without the necessity of editing

360 capability

Indoor and outdoor flexibility

Adapts to both slow and fast-paced capture effortlessly.

Property marketing perspectives

Sports events applications

With years of experience, our CAA approved drone pilots are well equipped to handle complicated set up situations and operate to Drone Safe Register™ safe and legal standards, complying with all regulations regarding the operation of unmanned aircraft in the UK Airspace.

Book one of our Professional Drone Pilots direct, using our quick and easy instant quote system. We care about quality. We take 0% agency fees or commissions from your booking, we simply put you in touch with the best in the business.