Thermal Imaging

Drone Thermal imaging

All Drone Safe Register™ Professional Drone Operators hold full CAA Permissions of Operational Authority. 

Our members are trained, safe and insured, to carry out advanced Thermal Inspections. 

Using high-quality infrared technology, thermal imaging can detect even the smallest differences in surface temperature. 

Combining the power of drones and thermal imagery technology provides customers with a cutting edge approach to capturing high-quality data in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

The data obtained from an Aerial Thermal Inspection will evidence comprehensive reports that allow specialists to observe findings and make an informed decision regarding the solution of any issues discovered in the process. 

This data solution is imperative to understanding structures that are not visible to the naked eye and bypasses the requirement of hiring mobile platforms, scaffolding, or having to access nearby properties to gain an aerial perspective. 

Benefits of using a Drone for Thermal Imaging in property inspections:

Detect moisture entrapment

Subsurface water leak detection

Delamination of roofing

Air loss detection

Concealed defects

The applications of introducing Drone Thermal Imaging to your annual roof Inspections, and roof management surveys, results in your ability to access all of the relevant information surrounding the structure of your property in one quick, easy, and cost-efficient process. 

In addition to property management applications, a number of our members work alongside local authorities and rescue services to provide Thermal Search and Rescue services throughout the UK. 

With years of experience, our CAA approved drone pilots are well equipped to handle complicated set up situations and operate to Drone Safe Register™ safe and legal standards.

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