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Hire Camera Cars & Tracking Vehicles

With countless years in the industry, our members are well trained and well connected to strong production roots. 

We are extremely fortunate to be in a position to provide this service. With access to some of the best camera cars and tracking vehicle providers across the nation, we can deliver on each brief.

An example of the available Camera Car and Tracking Vehicle applications are as follows:

Remote cars

Camera 360

Remote control car with stabilizer

remote driver and camera operator


Customised car options

High-speed tracking vehicles

Our members can offer a bespoke service, based on delivering to your budget and expectations. Finding tracking vehicles and crews capable of carrying out complicated setup situations is often difficult, however, with Drone Safe Register™ finding Camera Car and Tracking Vehicle Operators has never been easier. 

We care about quality, which is why we don’t take any agency fees or commissions, we simply put you in touch with the very best the industry has to offer. 

Simply enter your postcode in the bar above, and receive instant quotes from several experienced industry professionals. 

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