CableCam Operator

Hire a CableCam Operator

CableCam Operations enable you to capture incredibly smooth tracking shots that would otherwise be impossible.

Drone Safe Register™ is proud to offer a range of exciting services in addition to Drone Operations. 

As our membership continues to grow we’ve attracted a broad range of experts in different fields of production.

Cablecam Operations are one of the many additional services we can offer through our nationwide network of professional members. 

With a wealth of experts in different areas of the industry, we are in a prime position to source and offer expertise in CableCam Operations and not just Drone Operator hire.

Applications of CableCam Operations:

Specialist event filming

Music Videos

Film production

Large outdoor events


Ultra-smooth tracking shots

Ability to fly over crowds

This unique capture option allows our skilled operators to easily obtain high-quality cinematic footage, all the while minimising the risk of a collision or accident. 

Do you have a large scale event that needs covering? Simply enter your postcode in the bar above, and receive instant quotes from a number of experienced industry professionals. 

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