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Finding a Heavy Lift Drone Operator near you is made easy with Drone Safe Registers instant quote facility using the searchable member’s directory. If you’re looking for a Drone Operator who can lift heavier, cinema grade cameras and equipment then look no further. Simply enter your details into the above search directory and let us provide you with fast free quotes from the best Heavy Lift Drone Operators in your area.

Not so long ago Aerial Film and Videography was only obtainable using helicopters and light aircraft which were expensive options that also came with huge risks. Manned aircraft were also harder to manoeuvre meaning that the cinematic element of deliverable aerial data was hard to achieve.  

Thanks to modern-day advancements in technology, there is a constant drive to shrink tech and gadgets to make it lighter...but not in the world of high-end film making!

Heavy lift drone hire is a specialist service that enables skilled and experienced drone pilots to operate larger scaled drones with higher weight capacities that enable them to attach higher-quality achieving payloads. Heavy Lift Drones are often operated by more than one operator; while one controls the drone, the other operates the attached payload. This allows both pilots to optimise their focus points and deliver to your expectations.

Benefits and Applications of using Heavy Lift Drones:

Specialist event filming and film production

Movie Video

Bespoke Camera and Lens

Music Video

ARRi Camera Lifting

Commercial Video

Red Camera Lifting

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