Hobby Membership

Hobbyist Membership

Become a Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Member

Our Hobbyist Membership option has been specially tailored to offer a foundation to those that are passionate about drones and want to operate drones on a hobbyist basis. 

With the Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Membership Plan, amateur drone pilots can learn new drone skills, expand their collection of drones and get reduced prices on their insurance.

Operating a Drone Lawfully

As with all Drone Safe Register Memberships, we expect our hobbyist members to operate their drone within the CAA advice and guidelines, as well as remaining safe and legal at all times.

Remember you must register your drone before flying most drones or model aircraft outdoors in the UK. You must also keep updated with the rules and regulations around drone ownership and drone use in the UK.

If in doubt, refer directly to the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you are thinking of using your developing drone skills to create a new drone operations business, you must have commercial permissions and insurance.

Included With The Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Membership

  • Drone Safe Register™ ID Card
  • Exclusive DJI Discounts From Drone Safe Store
  • Exclusive Discounts With Coverdrone
  • Expert Drone Support
  • Discounted A2 CofC Training (£75.00)
  • Drone Safe Register Operator ID Stickers

Just £19.99 + VAT Per Year

Call 01243 859444 to discuss your membership plan with one of our membership advisors.

Alternatively, please contact the Drone Safe Register Team using our live chat feature.

Or contact the Membership Manager directly: [email protected]

See What Our Members Say

I am now in to my second year with DSR. As a relative new comer to the industry, knowledge and experience are vital to try and push my business forward. By being part of DSR, I have received help and guidance from some very experienced players in the industry. This networking has led to working with other DSR members either collaboratively or on a "White Label" basis. This can only be good for our industry.

I have also received some very good leads through the "Find an Operator" side of DSR, some of which may have passed me by without the backing of this recognised brand.

It is great to finally be recognised and represented by and industry leading body. Long may it continue.

Martin Freeman

Sea Lane Media Limited

February, 2020

Dolphin Drones have been with Drone Safe Register since 2016 and it has, by far, been the best investment made.

We have access to a whole membership full of like minded professionals eager to help each other, we have access to a bespoke OSC and has saved us £000's.

We receive many quotes and have a lot of repeat business clients on our books.

Hope it continues to grow for many years to come.

Nicholas Spence

Dolphin Drones

February, 2020

I have been a member of Drone Safe Register for over 2 years now. Being part of such a proactive and knowledge group of operators is a big help with the daily running of a UAV business. Because of DSR's very existence I have been lucky enough to have worked on a white labelling project supporting a fellow DSR member for a major client, which I wouldn't have got if it wasn't for the networking on DSR. I also helped promote DSR's platform at the drone show in 2019.

I will continue to renew my membership because I truly believe in the positive networking that takes place within DSR

Ashley Stewart

Creative Solutions

February, 2020

I've been a member of DSR for about 18 months now. The knowledge that I have gained from other members in the group, either online or in person at the various networking events has been invaluable to me and my business.

DSR is full of helpful, knowledgeable operators and being able to lean on their years of knowledge is fantastic.

On top of that, the member discounts and various other benefits make this a fantastic industry organisation to be a part of.

Tim Campbell

Granta Network Solutions

February, 2020

Since taking a call from Mark back in 2014/2015 to talk about DSR, just talking to mark for that short time with the enthusiasm in his voice and how he believed in his idea. I knew as soon as the DSR network was born I would join.

I have been a member since 2015 in fact member number 33.

The talent in the group is massive and If your not sure about something within a few hours someone in the group would have a solution.

I have gained so must knowledge and upsell the Network when I can

Mark Ryan

Rapicam Media

February, 2020

I have been a member of Drone Safe Register since October 2018 and have found it to be an extremely useful platform for sourcing relevant information from fellow commercial drone operators. The depth of knowledge found within the group is invaluable & members go out of their way to help you with any query you may have.

As a customer I would strongly recommend it as the only website you should visit when making an enquiry for drone services. It has a huge database of commercial pilots who are all CAA approved, who all offer varying skillsets and I can guarantee you will find exactly the right operator for your needs with a few simple clicks using the Instant Quote system.

As a member I have only had a few enquiries since joining DSR but I am confident that this will improve once the concept of drone imagery is full accepted by a wider audience. This is still a relatively new industry which will take time to find its feet, however drones are here to stay and are being increasingly used on a daily basis across a very wide sector of end-users, so I have every confidence that DSR will deliver for me in the not too distant future.

Paddy Dangerfield

SkyFall Imaging

February, 2020

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