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Do you need a unique way of showcasing your facilities for your online marketing efforts? Why not contact some of the aerial experts on our platform to deliver you an interactive and engaging 360º virtual tour experience. 

The Drone Safe Register platform offers hundreds of commercial drone operators nationwide who provide the aerial abilities you need to provide a superior online experience. 

When trying to find a pilot to capture an effective aerial tour, it's critical to exclusively work with a legitimate, insured commercial drone operator. That's why you should book through Drone Safe Register, the UK's most trustworthy website for hiring drone pilots.

Benefits of Drone Virtual Tours

Drone Virtual Tours are an exciting new application of drones that is only possible with the power of FPV drone filming. Drone virtual tours combine the highest quality 360º photography and video with world-class drone technology. 

These stunning drone virtual tours provide a powerful and unique way of showcasing an interactive and dynamic view of your chosen location and its surrounding amenities.

This distinctive and powerful way of media presentation allows businesses to engage an audience with an exciting perspective. With extreme stabilisation and high-resolution imagery, our members provide flawless footage, making promoting your business online a seamless experience.

Superb Indoor & Outdoor Capability

Interactive & Dynamic Showcase

Unique & Engaging System

24/7 Engaging Experience

Cross-Platform Potential

Applications of Drone Virtual Tours

Our virtual tour experts capture the highest quality drone virtual tours on the market, providing dynamic and engaging experiences for businesses across the UK. This smart and efficient way of marketing provides an innovative and results driven experience.

Virtual Tours For Schools, Universities & Colleges

Virtual Tours For Commercial Property Advertising & Marketing

Virtual Tours For Churches & Religious Buildings

Virtual Tours For Hotels, B&B’s & Shalet’s

Virtual Tours For Tourism

Drone Virtual Tours by Professional Drone Pilots

Using the latest drone and ground camera technology, our professional drone pilots can create and deliver stunning drone video and photography virtual tours for different businesses across the United Kingdom.

Due to the sheer quality of commercial drone pilots on our platform, we can produce stunning drone virtual tours to showcase your business online. Drone Safe Register is concerned about drone pilots' and the general public's safety and quality. Virtual tour capture must be done by a CAA-authorized drone pilot who is approved, insured, and capable, due to the inherent dangers of aerial activities.

You can enquire in confidence with the knowledge that every drone operator you see on our platform is a registered professional. Don’t forget, each operator is fully insured for virtual tour services! 

Drone Safe Register takes care of the arduous task of identifying a drone virtual tour expert in your area. You can receive an estimate for drone virtual tour services in your area in a matter of minutes using our cutting-edge instant quote system.