Church & Spire Inspection

Drone Church and Spire Inspection

Church and Spire Inspection by Drone, is a quick and easy way to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your religious and historically significant building. 

Arranging regular maintenance checks by drone ensures the inspection can be carried out in a timely manner by our Trained, Safe and Insured Drone Operators. 

With extensive experience and skill, our professional members are able to increase the safety and efficiency of your routine inspection, all while delivering high-quality aerial imagery at a reduced cost in comparison to traditional data collection methods. 

Not only are you saving time and money with this inspection method, but ensuring you have an evidence-based alternative to aid remedial works and form comprehensive reports. 

Drone Church and Spire Inspections can capture a number of issues including, missing or faulty roof tiles or slates, crumbling masonry and areas of weather damage, to name a few. 

This data collection method can include a number of other checks, including the retrieval of Thermal Imagery to ensure the internal structuring has not been compromised by any harsh weather conditions.

Church roofs and Spires are notoriously complex structures, with valleys and parapets which are mostly inaccessible and not in view from the ground. Inaccessibility of these roofs often poses the greatest problem in keeping them in good order, but using drones ensures the safety of all involved while still allowing you to obtain high-quality evidence of the condition of the structure. 

Undetected damage can lead very quickly to water pockets, damp, rot and infestation. Drone Church and Spire Inspections offer the safest and most cost-effective method of ensuring that roof damage is identified early before major remedial works are required, saving you thousands.

We care about quality. Hiring one of our trained, safe and insured drone operators has never been easier. 


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