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We have always been keen to press forward the progression of the drone industry to be embraced as a worthy addition to more traditional methods of data collection.

Drone Safe Register is the largest network of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone professionals nationwide. Having started our operations in 2015, our industry-leading aerial data services are changing the game in external surveying, roofing inspections and boundary dispute settlements.

Our new and exclusive fixed price booking system will provide a one-stop booking facility for all aerial data requests, streamlining numerous channels of work on one simple system.

What you can expect from this exclusive service:

A national network of trained, safe and insured professional drone operators

24-48 hour average turnaround time (weather permitting)

Secure, safe, Amazon UK based servers

Manageable multi-channel work streaming system for multiple data requests

Reasonable fixed prices

High-quality aerial data

Post-production availability

Number of specialist services available

With a wealth of experience in fast-paced digital environments and various aerial data collection methods, our drone operating experts are available to contact directly for additional information, advice and guidance regarding your aerial data request. 

To enquire, please call our telephone booking helpline 01243 882440, alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

Safe operations are imperative to the way we work... a push from the CAA and an increased necessity for drone pilot registration following enforced EU legislation for unmanned aircraft should see further enforcement and increased communication surrounding the safe capturing of aerial data. 

Don't risk it, always hire a trained, safe and insured drone operator.