Drone Surveillance and Security

The introduction of drones to the surveillance and security industry is revolutionising the way locations and assets are monitored and inspected. 

This intelligent solution to increasing security measures allows your business to optimise facility management and advances your opportunities to assess and monitor live data to deliver immediate remedies to potentially threatening situations.

Using drones to increase security in the process of surveillance and protective inspections are proving to be an integral function in the security industry.

Not only is drone surveillance an exemplary advantage for monitoring operations, but makes monitoring individuals and assets easier to maintain too.

The introduction of drone surveillance can turn your security processing from primarily reactive to increasingly proactive, helping you to assess and understand the potential dangers of operational routines and manual assessments before they escalate to real-time threats. 

Security and surveillance are rapidly expanding and facing increasing demand, with the introduction of UAVs (drones), surveillance companies can expect to benefit from real-time and archived aerial data, in addition to planned manual operations. 

Drones for surveillance can cover both vast areas of land and smaller areas with high-tech equipment that enables monitoring of structures with various sensory addons, such as SLM (Sound Level Monitor) and Thermal Infrared Cameras to track movement and even slight surface temperature variations. 

Examples of Drone applications in surveillance and security operations include:

Ports and Terminals

Solar Energy Farms

Industrial Site Inspections

Mining Sites

Thermal Energy Site Inspections

Oil and Gas Storage Sites

Events requiring crowd monitoring

With years of experience, our CAA approved drone pilots are well equipped to handle complicated set up situations and operate to Drone Safe Register™ safe and legal standards.

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