As Seen On Dragon's Den

As seen on Dragon’s Den

Flying into the Dragon’s Den (literally) in 2018, Drone Safe Register™ CEO and Founder, Mark Boyt, had no idea he was about to gain the interest of three Dragons. 

When Mark stood in front of the Dragons undergoing the first trademark grilling, there wasn’t a great deal of time to think about the opportunities ahead.

Mark said, “To be truthful, I was so focused on just giving them the information that they were asking for, that I almost forgot about what the outcome of it all might be. So I was genuinely gobsmacked when three Dragons declared their hands as being interested in investing!”

There is no doubt that any one of these incredible business people would have brought huge amounts of value and advantage to Drone Safe Register™ but if you’d asked us what our dream result would have been before we stepped out of the lift, it would have been to have Peter Jones become part of our team.

We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to feature on Dragons Den, and we continue to work hard to deliver a multitude of services, in addition to our original business plan nearly 3 years ago. 

At the heart of it all, Drone Safe Register remains committed to some basic principles:

To educate the general public about the safe use of drones, the importance of using legal, approved CAA pilots and also to let them know the opportunities that drone photography, videography and thermal imaging can provide them with both in their business and personal worlds.

To provide resources and support for drone hobbyists to enable them to safely, legally and responsibly enjoy the incredibly creative and rewarding hobby of flying UAVs.

To provide UK wide access to a network of qualified, approved, safe and legal drone operators that the client can rely upon to give a top level of service.

To maximise opportunities for DSR members to network, gain clients and access all the quality resources that we provide to drive their business from strength to strength.