Event Filming

Drone Event Filming

Looking for a unique way to capture your next event? Why not consider professional drone video production? 

Are you in need of fresh, elevated angles for the marketing of your event or business? 

At Drone Safe Register™ we have made it our mission to make the process of hiring trained, safe and insured drone operators as easy as possible.

Whether it's a professional event, wedding or conference our nationwide network of experienced professionals are on hand to help bring your vision to life. 

Our network of operators has a host of various skills to apply to the capture and production of your aerial video request. Using a combination of drone technology, ground camera operations and other video capture technologies, our members are able to create a unique cinematic capture quality that is bound to engage new audiences. 

This unique way of capturing your event perfectly demonstrates the atmosphere, something that you wouldn't be able to achieve without this elevated approach. 

Drone Event Filming is all about capturing the atmosphere created by all of the individual components of an event coming together.

A number of larger businesses have started to incorporate aerial drone filming and photography into their digital promotions, and this is certainly an effective form of attracting attention for large scale events, but can also prove an invaluable way of picking up more intimate and authentic moments without the frames feeling planned and less candid. 

With large crowds, it is imperative to work with professionals that are trained and have experience calculating the risks and associated hazards to ensure all safety measures are met.

Our experienced, professional members are able to provide high-quality aerial event filming with end-to-end production options for all of your event requests. Using a number of different capture techniques to create a layered approach to your event coverage ensures that the end-product tells a story. 

We care about quality. Hiring one of our trained, safe and insured drone operators has never been easier. 


Our instant quote system allows you to select the service and your location within minutes, helping you to easily obtain a number of free quotes in a few simple clicks.

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