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Do you need a unique and exciting photo and video service for your live event? Why not enquire about drone event filming services? Drone Safe Register’s professional drone pilots offer expert event photography and filming with high-resolution camera drones! 

Our commercial drone operators provide stunning aerial photography and videography services for all kinds of indoor and outdoor events. Whether it’s a music festival at the height of Summer, a harvest festival in the middle of Autumn or Winter Market at the end of December, an aerial expert can provide the expertise you need. 

When searching for a pilot to capture aerial imagery for your live event, it is important to only hire a genuine, insured commercial drone operator. That’s why it’s essential that you book via Drone Safe Register: the UK’s trusted platform for drone pilots for hire.

Benefits of Drone Event FIlming

Using a drone for event filming and photography provides a unique opportunity to capture indoor and outdoor aerial evidence of your event with a dynamic and innovative angle. Drone event filming is an active and growing service and is especially popular during the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons with some applications in Winter. 

Drone Safe Register’s developing network of aerial experts provides exciting aerial video and photography services for events across the UK. With reliable and effective aerial capture techniques, our professional drone operators can confidently capture superb aerial imagery for your live events.

Unique Imagery For Memorable Events

Capture Atmosphere & Perspective Effectively

Vivid & Unforgettable Aerial Photographs

Effective & Dynamic Aerial Video

Powerful Aerial Imagery For Marketing

Indoor & Outdoor Applications Across Industries

Commercial Event Filming

A lot of larger commercial companies have begun to use aerial drone video and photography in their digital marketing campaigns. Aerial event cinematography is a highly efficient way to draw attention to large-scale events, but it can also be useful for creating more intimate and authentic moments.

So if you are searching for aerial event filming near you, we have a comprehensive network of aerial drone pilots across the country ready for hire.  Our commercial event filming services can be provided in industry-standard packages, designed specifically for businesses looking for a complete service. 

Whether it’s a complete editing package, full-service marketing or all day aerial filming, our commercial drone pilots can provide you with the aerial package you need. 

Applications of Drone Event Filming

Drone event filming is all about capturing the incredible atmosphere that is created by all of the individual components of a live event coming together. Where the world of events is concerned, it’s vital to capture these everlasting moments. 

Aerial photography for events is often applied to company events, trade shows, business conferences and product launches to instantly capture attention and emphasis the professional touch.

Drone Event Photography for Corporate Events

Drone Event Photography for Digital Marketing

Drone Event Photography for Trade Shows

Drone Event Photography for Property & Housing

Drone Event Photography for Festivals

Aerial videography for events generally applies to public parties, massive festivals and sporting events to capture all of the action from a unique and engaging point of view.

Drone Event Filming for Festivals

Drone Event Filming for Sporting Events

Drone Event Filming for Property & Housing

Drone Event Filming for Christmas Markets

Drone Event Filming for New Years

Drone Event Filming for Fireworks

With the development of drone technology and the changing needs of business developers and digital marketers changing, the need for aerial event live streams has never been higher. 

Live Streaming is a key part of marketing for large-scale events, especially with distribution on live-video sites like YouTube, Twitch & Facebook. Many of our 500+ pilots have the tech, software and know-how to not only share live footage but collect, store and distribute the content at a later date.

Event Filming by Professional Drone Pilots

Using the latest drone technology, our professional drone pilots can create and deliver stunning aerial video and photography for different live events up and down the United Kingdom. 

With the quality of commercial drone pilots in our network, we can provide more than just expert aerial event filming services. With many pilots on our platform offering nighttime filming, live streaming and FPV filming, you’ll be sure to find the aerial solution you need. 

Drone Safe Register is concerned with both safety and quality. Because of the inherent dangers of aerial activities, drone photography and video capture must be done by a CAA-authorized drone pilot who is both approved and insured.

Every Drone Safe Register licenced drone operator is fully insured to provide aerial drone event filming services, so you may hire a pilot with confidence.

Drone Safe Register takes care of the difficult work of finding a pilot in your area for aerial event cinematography. Using our cutting-edge rapid quotation system, you may get a quote for drone event filming services in your area.