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Event drone photography is becoming increasingly popular. An aerial perspective is ideal for everything from sporting events to rock concerts. Photographs and video of an event are ideal for marketing via social media and sharing with people who attend and take part.
The fact that crowds are likely to gather means that an events aerial photographer has to treat safety as a priority. Flying over crowds is in breach of CAA regulations and can have serious repercussions for a drone operator if he doesn’t follow protocols. It’s critical to check that a drone pilot has permission to operate commercially in the form of a PfCO and carries the necessary insurance. Even then he must keep a drone a safe distance from people to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries.
Organisers should consult with an experienced events aerial photographer and follow their advice with regards to what’s legal and possible. There are also technical considerations for event drone photography. For larger events, more than one drone may be required and the pilot may need additional support crew. Depending on lighting conditions a drone capable of carrying its own light sources may be necessary.
The costs of hiring an events aerial photographer vary depending on many factors including 
  • The duration of the event. A triathlon lasting a few hours will be cheaper to cover than a music festival running on for several days
  • The location. A drone operator may have to travel long distances and overnight accommodation may be required
  • The number of crew involved. A more complex event could involve drone pilots, camera operators and additional support crew
  • Specialist equipment. High-definition photographs can be taken with any professional drone, but if you need cinema quality film footage more specialist cameras are required
  • Editing requirements. In addition to attending on the day an events aerial photographer will need to spend time processing and editing photographs and video. If you would like a promotional video of an event expect to pay additional charges 
There’s no better way to showcase an event than with some aerial images. 
The Drone Safe Register instant quote facility can source local events photographers with the necessary expertise


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