30 03, 2020

10 Things To Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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10 Things Commercial Drone Operators Can Do During the Coronavirus LockdownThe drone industry has never been an easy ride, but who could’ve imagined we’d not only be grounded but completely housebound in 2020! At Drone Safe Register we were looking forward to a bumper year and there were signs of increasing enquiries, major accounts coming onboard and an upturn an interest across industries. And then Boom! The Coronavirus crisis hits and the world stops turning.On the positive, drone pilots are a resilient bunch. We have to be to get through the process of approval, keep up with [...]

19 03, 2020

Coronavirus Special Update

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Our Coronavirus Special UpdateAt Drone Safe Register we have been thinking about how we can respond and protect the interests of you our members and the whole drone industry overall. Up until recent events 2020 looked like it was going to be a great year for many as the industry was finally on the move.For four years we’ve worked tirelessly to build and support our network, represent the drone industry as a force for good and find industry sectors to work with. Support from our members has been outstanding and this has enabled us to build our reputation as the UK’s largest drone [...]

8 03, 2020

How to become a commercial drone pilot

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To operate legally as a commercial drone pilot in the UK you must take some formal training. visit our new drone store A drone course you can attend in person is by far the best option as there’s nothing like hands on training where you can ask questions and learn from experts. Joining a drone pilot course is also a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and begin to develop your professional network. The Civil Aviation Authority delegates the authority to grant permission to work as a commercial drone pilot in the UK to organisations with National Qualified Entity (NQE) statu [...]