31 08, 2019

Is this really the time for new drone regulations?

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Is this really the time for new drone regulations?It’s taken some time, but the CAA’s current drone regulations are now becoming well known and understood. Of course, any drone pilot operating with a PfCO is already very familiar with the rules, but the Police, other authorities and general public have also become aware that they exist. A few years ago a call to the local Police that a drone was flying over crowds at the local beach may have received a confused and disappointing response, but there is strong evidence that enforcement action is now taking place. Current rules are [...]

29 08, 2019

Heathrow Pause – Heathrow Disruption

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As well as travel disruption, public perception of drones will be severely harmed. Questions are still outstanding and the debate continues about the Gatwick drone incident, but it looks as if something worse may be about to happen. Over a thousand flights were affected between 19th and 21st December due to reports of drone sightings at Gatwick. Over 140,000 travellers were delayed or had their flights cancelled. To this day we don’t know what the motives for the incident were, or even whether ‘malicious’ drones were actually involved. Holidaymakers and travellers at Heathrow [...]