18 11, 2022

5 Uses of Drones in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry has been one of the first sectors in the UK to embrace drone technology. UAVs, as they’re also known, are becoming a staple tool on construction sites. Industry experts predict that this trend will continue and that drones will play even greater roles in the building sector over the years ahead. They can increase efficiency, reduce costs, streamline communication and improve health and safety.Data plays a vital role in all modern industries, and this certainly applies to construction. A drone’s ability to capture vast amounts of data in minutes rather th [...]

7 11, 2022

October Newsletter

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Drones Becoming MainstreamIf you’re a drone enthusiast it’s fascinating to look back on how the technology emerged and how far it’s come. Like many things, a lot of the predictions about how drones might be used haven’t come true, but there are others that we couldn’t have imagined ten or fifteen years ago. For example, back in 2013 Amazon were talking about deliveries by drone from their distribution centres direct to customer homes. We’ve yet to see this, and many would argue with modern logistics it’s not really necessary anyway. But we are seeing drones used in ever [...]