There’s a drone at the end of the tunnel!

In early 2020 everything came to a halt as the UK worked to bend the covid curve. The following months have affected everyone in the UK in one way or another and the Drone Industry has been no exception. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s in the form of a drone!
Covid-19 Update – What this means for the Drone Industry
Following an update on the 27th of January 2021, the Prime Minister has announced the transition out of National Lockdown will be addressed on the 22nd of February 2021. We eagerly anticipate the return of some normality in the late spring/ early summer of 2021. 
The roll-out of vaccinations has given hope to the Nation that despite the current National Lockdown, restrictions will likely be lifted towards the summer season of 2021.
This means the end of the Spring/ early Summer Season is anticipated to be extremely busy for the Drone Industry.
Precautions our members take to ensure safety
Our members have countless years of experience and expertise within the drone industry, and collectively represent Drone Safe Register™ as the highest trained, safe and insured drone operators in the UK. 
Each service is assessed for risks before take-off to identify any potential restrictions. With inbuilt flight hazard systems, fully comprehensive insurance, and risk assessment tools on-hand, our members are able to obtain high-quality, creative data, all while fully complying with health and safety regulations.
A number of our members have built outstanding relationships with the authorities within their local area, which aids them in reaching an understanding of the requested service and allows them to obtain the relevant flight permissions for areas that might usually be perceived as more complex.

There’s a drone at the end of the tunnel! 
Start preparing for post-lockdown life 
We anticipate this year’s summer season will be busier than ever. 
Our members continue to deliver outstanding services nationwide, all while following the socially distanced regulations of our third National Lockdown. Using this time in preparation for what could be a busy summer, will stand you in good stead to come out of this pandemic stronger. 
Ensure you are lined up to promote your business in the lead up to the anticipated busy summer period with elevated photography and video footage. 
Events – 
Weddings, Conferences, Celebrations, Sports Events and many more will hopefully make a long-anticipated return in the summer of 2021.
At Drone Safe Register™ we have made it our mission to make the process of hiring trained, safe and insured drone and ground camera operators as easy as possible. 
Whether it’s a professional event, wedding, or conference our nationwide network of experienced professionals is on hand to help bring your vision to life. 
Our network of operators has a host of various skills to apply to the capture and production of your aerial data request. Using a combination of drone technology, ground camera operations, and other video capture technologies, our members are able to create a high-quality, unique, and cinematic service that is bound to engage new audiences. 
This unique way of capturing your event perfectly demonstrates the atmosphere, something that you wouldn’t be able to achieve without this elevated approach. 
Using Drones, 360 VR (Virtual Reality), Cablecam, and Elevated Mast in addition to an ultra-smooth Ground Camera shot, our specialist members will cover your event in a way that makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 
Buildings – 
Annual Maintenance Inspections, Abandoned Building Checks, Roof Inspections/Surveys, and Property Marketing are all bookable services throughout the pandemic. 
Because the majority of the services our drone operators complete around buildings are completed externally and with the ability to maintain a relative social distance, all of the above-listed services are still available despite the national lockdown. 
Completing essential external checks to commercial, private, and industrial properties ahead of what is anticipated to be a busy spring/summer for drone operators, ensures that you are covered and always one step ahead. 
Construction – 
Although the construction industry continues to operate during the national lockdown, the Spring/Summer period is notoriously busy for new developments beginning construction as the days are longer and the weather is better, meaning more is often achieved in a shorter time frame. 
Progression Tracking, Promotional Photography/Videography, Elevated Mast Timelapse, Thermal Detection, and Annual Inspection Management Plans, not only help site managers understand the on-site progression of numerous sites, but allow construction companies to demonstrate the smooth-running of their developments and stick to development budgets.
Drone Safe Register™ launched Partner Accounts in 2020 with the aim of helping companies with numerous aerial data requests streamline them all in one place with reasonably fixed price deals.  
Click the image above to read more about Drone Safe Register™ Partner Accounts, and sign up for your free account today! 
Are you a passionate and experienced Drone Operator? Have you thought about joining a network of like-minded individuals? Why not sign up to be part of the UK’s largest network of professional drone and ground camera operators?
Signing up today allows for you to set up your unique company profile and start taking advantage of the list of benefits as part of being a Drone Safe Register™ member in what’s set to be a busy come-back period in the drone industry. 


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