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28 01, 2021

There's a drone at the end of the tunnel!

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There’s a drone at the end of the tunnel!In early 2020 everything came to a halt as the UK worked to bend the covid curve. The following months have affected everyone in the UK in one way or another and the Drone Industry has been no exception. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s in the form of a drone!Covid-19 Update – What this means for the Drone IndustryFollowing an update on the 27th of January 2021, the Prime Minister has announced the transition out of National Lockdown will be addressed on the 22nd of February 2021. We eagerly anticipate the return [...]

18 11, 2020

Commercial Drone Photography

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Commercial Drone Photography – BOOK ONLINE HERE Elevate your Brand Awareness by Hiring a Professional Drone OperatorA number of questions surrounding the use of drones for commercial photography are focused on the costs and advantages associated with hiring a drone pilot. This article will aim to clear up some common misconceptions around the efficiency, expenses and content creation capabilities, associated with hiring a drone operator for commercial purposes.Find your local Commercial Drone operatorIncreasing applications of Commercial Drone Photography –In 2010 there were [...]

1 12, 2018

A Pre Winter Drone Home Inspection

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Drone Home Inspection service With winter fast approaching, it is time for all of us here across the UK to think about getting our homes ready for the battering of the season. Sometimes, prevention is better than cure but the cost and inconvenience of a traditional roof inspection can mean that we put it off and simply hope for the best.Book online - HEREThis means that damage can occur to the outside of our properties which we don’t know about until that damage can be seen on the interior – more expensive to fix and more inconvenience all round.Scaffolding or elevated platforms [...]

11 07, 2018

School Aerial Photography UK

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Aerial Photography for School in UK & Ireland Having photographs of schools and pupils from the air is becoming increasingly popular.A few years ago the cost of hiring a helicopter or light aircraft would’ve made it very expensive, but drone technology has changed all thatWatch the video - Learn more about it HERE Aerial photos of a school are a great keepsake for pupils and staff. They can be used in yearbooks and promotional materials. If a school has impressive grounds and sports facilities, photographs taken from the air are the best way of showcasing these. For an eve [...]

17 06, 2018

See Things Differently – Raise Your Schools Profile

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Drones love schools Some progressive, forward thinking schools in the UK are seeing the benefit of bringing in DSR Pilots, with their wealth of knowledge and specialist skills.Our network of professional, personable pilots are the best possible choice for bringing a curriculum to life. The extensive reach of drone tech is unsurpassed.Geography – drones regularly produce amazing maps, through incredibly clever techniques such as photogrammetry, structure from motion and other things that will spark interest in your learners.Mathematics & Physics – there is [...]

10 03, 2017

Drones for Schools

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Hire Drones for SchoolsThis is DSR's latest initiative aimed at spreading the message of drone safety to the UK’s younger generations and perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow.DSR is the UK’s leading drone hire website. We have nationwide coverage and some of the best drone pilots available for hire in the UK. All our members are CAA registered and fully insured professional working drone pilots. Our members are working on all manner of aerial imagery jobs in many sectors of the nation’s economy.Recognising that our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience of worki [...]

9 03, 2016

Hire a Wedding Drone – Nationwide Service from £199

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Hiring a Wedding drone is certainly the new must have at any wedding for 2016.  Being able to capture aerial photography and film from the air really does give a unique perspective. It is very important that you only hire a legal, professional and full insured drone pilot or company. Not only is it the law but hiring a professional means you are in very safe hands. Drones can be dangerous but all of our pilots are fully trained and very easy to find.  The cost for hiring a registered drone pilot starts from around £250- £300 for basic photography and most weddings are set in [...]

8 03, 2016

6 Things to Consider Before You Hire a Drone

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Things to Consider Before You Hire a Drone1. Try to be flexible with the dates for filmingWeather is a massive factor when it comes to hiring a drone. When you are looking to book a drone, try to be fully aware of the UK weather forecast and, if an unexpected storm comes in out of nowhere, understand the filming may have to be delayed. Scheduling a second date is a good idea in case the drone is unable to fly due to rain or wind.  If you are hiring a drone to take aerial pictures at your wedding, there isn’t going to be a lot of roo [...]

3 02, 2016

School Aerial Photography Offers For 2021

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Aerial Photography for Schools At this time of the year I’m sure many schools are looking for exciting ways to generate extra funds to be spent on new equipment for its pupils to enjoy. Summer fetes are a great option but let us tell you about another exciting way to raise valuable funds.You can book HEREThe picture in this post is of a school who hired one of our pilots to capture aerial images for a leaving present for a fellow teacher.  What you read next is what all schools should be doing.This school had 500 pupils and after the event they printed off 500 copies and [...]

13 03, 2017

Aerial Group Photos for Schools

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Hiring a drone company or pilot to capture an aerial group photo is new and very exciting.  Check out ‘All Saints’ stunning video from above in our drones for schools promo video. Drones For Schools This is Drone Safe’s latest initiative aimed at spreading the message of ‘Drone Safety’ to the UK’s younger generations and perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow..#dronesforschools Posted by Drone Safe Register on Friday, 10 March 2017 Search for your Local Drone Pilot [...]