Things to Consider Before You Hire a Drone

1. Try to be flexible with the dates for filming

Weather is a massive factor when it comes to hiring a drone. When you are looking to book a drone, try to be fully aware of the UK weather forecast and, if an unexpected storm comes in out of nowhere, understand the filming may have to be delayed. Scheduling a second date is a good idea in case the drone is unable to fly due to rain or wind.  If you are hiring a drone to take aerial pictures at your wedding, there isn’t going to be a lot of room for dates to be flexible, but that is where it is important to be conscious of timing.  Mornings or evenings are the a great time of day to get clips required, as the sunlight is less bright and can produce some amazing colors and effects.

2. Research comparable projects and brainstorm some shots that you might like

If you are considering booking a drone, chances are you got the idea from seeing or reading about epic footage shot by someone else. Before you bring your idea to a pilot, think about exactly what it is you liked about the film you saw. Once you make a connection with a UAV company, it’s always beneficial to discuss clips you like prior to going to the venue.

3. Do your best to fly the drone in a safe area and use common sense

Tools like Google Maps make it really easy for drone pilots to “scout” locations before they arrive to fly a UAV.   However, common sense must apply on the day if there are hazards that it didn’t allow you to spot.

4. Not all drones are the same

DJI Phantoms are found in pretty much every aerial photographer’s kit bag and can often be the easiest way to capture super pictures and aerial video.  Be sure to check out your pilot’s insurance cover and discuss the equipment they have at their disposal.

5. Post production work is often worth the pilot’s fee

If you or someone you know is proficient in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, you are in great shape! If not, aerial photographers often offer their own services for post production. Just don’t be surprised if the post production work costs more than the time spent on site taking the pictures. Making grass greener and the sky bluer, enhancing clarity, minimizing vibrations – all these things can go a long way to enhance your pictures/video but it takes a deft hand and a considerable chunk of time.

6. Negotiate

If there is potential for ongoing work, don’t be afraid to ask about a bulk or package rate. Pilots like ongoing work and might be willing to offer a price break for multiple projects. They also might have special rates for various types of shoots (weddings vs 3D modeling vs promotional videos) so it is important to outline every aspect of your needs.

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