Hiring a Wedding drone is certainly the new must have at any wedding for 2016.  Being able to capture aerial photography and film from the air really does give a unique perspective. It is very important that you only hire a legal, professional and full insured drone pilot or company.

Wedding Drone Professionals UK

Not only is it the law but hiring a professional means you are in very safe hands. Drones can be dangerous but all of our pilots are fully trained and very easy to find.  The cost for hiring a registered drone pilot starts from around £250- £300 for basic photography and most weddings are set in stunning locations that lend themselves to aerial filming.

If you do hire a wedding drone you will need to seek the permission from the venue owner/s as no drone flights can take place without this. Our pilots will speak with the venue beforehand and would normally visit the location a few weeks before to ensure safe flights can take place.  With the current cost of a UK wedding at £20,983. Adding a wedding drone should be a must have item for 2016.

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