29 03, 2018


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The 2018 DSR PRO Awards are HERE!Drone Safe Register is excited to announce it’s member Drone awards for 2018.DSR holds the UK’s largest network of CAA approved pilots for hire.  All our UAV pilot members can be easily found on our home page.  We have some of the best drone pilots for hire across the country.With that in mind DSR is again launching its awards to commend and celebrate our members’ outstanding contribution to the UK’s thriving drone industry.There are 5 categories to showcase their world class commercial drone work.Here are the Awards Timeline &a [...]

20 03, 2018

Drone Photography in London

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Drone photography of London is a fantastic way to capture the familiar sights and landmarks of our capital city.Shots of the Thames, the London Eye and The Tower of London are instantly recognisable. The centre of London’s skyline is changing rapidly as impressive new buildings are erected, and they make a great subject for aerial photography.The use of drones in congested areas is heavily regulated, and the rules are particularly tight in London. The presence of London City Airport, high volumes of local helicopter traffic and concerns over terrorism are just some of the reasons f [...]

20 03, 2018

Aerial Filming in Yorkshire

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Find Aerial Filming in YorkshireStunning countryside, castles and abbeys and other historic landmarks makes Yorkshire an ideal place for aerial filming. The Yorkshire Dales has always been a popular venue for photographers, and the views from the air are even more spectacular than those on the ground.Aerial filming in Yorkshire with a drone often requires special permissions from land owners and local authorities. A CAA approved drone pilot will know how to conduct flights safely and within the law. Flying in congested areas such as York presents it’s own challenges, but an experie [...]

14 03, 2018

Drone Filming Companies

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Drone Filming Companies for hire Drone filming companies have been around for a few years, but the recent boom in the industry has seen hundreds of new ones appearing. Some specialise in specific types of work such as film production for film and television, and others use their unmanned aircraft for a range of jobs.A search on Google will bring up a list of hundreds of drone filming companies in the UK, and it can be confusing if you want to book one. Here are some tips for finding the best one for the work you need.Does the company have experience in the right field? For example, i [...]

9 03, 2018

Be Creative & Hire A London Based Drone Expert

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Don’t let London Stop You Being CreativeWhat better way to see London than from the sky! Aerial shots of landmarks like the Tower of London and London Bridge are iconic images. In some cases you may find stock footage of the area of London you need, and Drone Safe Register have just launched a new UK aerial stock footage library.Not only can you now hire our London and Kent based aerial experts, we have now made it possible to our member captured images instantly.Visit our exciting new uk stock library Aerial filming in London presents many challengesHiring a helicopter is one [...]

9 03, 2018

Aerial Filming in the UK

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Aerial Filming in the UK with drones Helicopters and light aircraft were the only option for aerial filming in the UK up until a few years ago, but drones are now an affordable alternative.Filming with a drone produces high definition, cinematic video footage, and is great for advertising and marketing. If you need footage of an event, a hotel or leisure facility or anything else that looks great from an aerial perspective, a drone could be the answer.Aerial filming in the UK with a drone is subject to regulation, and it’s important to hire a professional. The drone industry has at [...]

3 03, 2018

How Much Will I Pay for a Drone Roof Survey

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Drones offer a state of the art access solution for surveys and inspection work. Book online HEREIf you’re wondering how much does a roof survey cost in the UK, this article will give you a good understanding.Using a drone for a roof survey has many advantages over traditional methods, includingOrganising scaffolding or a cherry picker can take time. After an initial site survey and some background work, a drone can usually be on site within hoursSavings of 60-70% are not unusual when comparing hire of scaffolding and access equipment to booking a drone roof surveyA CAA (Civil [...]

3 03, 2018

Nationwide Drone Roof Survey Network

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Nationwide Drone Roof Survey NetworkDrones are the ideal tools for roof surveys. They can be used to produce high resolution photographs and video footage without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers, ladders or other specialist equipment.Drone roof survey costs are typically far less than traditional methods, and they can be completed much more quickly.Drone roof inspections are becoming very popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, drone inspections are quicker to arrange and cheaper than most alternatives. Secondly, they are less health and safety requirements than for tradit [...]