Don’t let London Stop You Being Creative
What better way to see London than from the sky! Aerial shots of landmarks like the Tower of London and London Bridge are iconic images. In some cases you may find stock footage of the area of London you need, and Drone Safe Register have just launched a new UK aerial stock footage library.
Not only can you now hire our London and Kent based aerial experts, we have now made it possible to our member captured images instantly.
Aerial filming in London presents many challenges
Hiring a helicopter is one option, but this can be very expensive. A drone is usually a cheaper alternative, but the busy skies and tight controls over use of the airspace mean you need an experienced professional operator.
To commission aerial filming in London with a drone, you need a professional drone pilot with expertise in obtaining the required permissions.
An operator will need to be approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and carry the required insurance. In addition, the drone pilot will need to have experience of working with the relevant authorities to get permission to fly in heavily congested areas.
As well as considering local airspace, an aerial filming in London project will need to take account of a take off and landing area where permission for use can be obtained, and some control over the area the drone will be flown within.
An experienced drone operator will be able to obtain the necessary permissions to fly within the restricted airspaces of London.
These include Hyde Park, the City of London and the Isle of Dogs. The process involves applying for Enhanced Non-Standard Flight clearance, and can take some time. There are also issues concerning privacy and copyright for aerial filming in London.


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