Gold Certified Drone Operators

With over 6,000 CAA Approved PfCO holders, and hundreds more set to qualify in 2021, Drone Safe Register™ has over the last 5 years endeavoured to set the benchmark for the hiring of trained, safe and insured commercial drone operators.

Gold Certified members – The safest, most skilled and advanced operators available. 

In an increasingly expanding and rapidly diversifying industry, it has never been more important to stand out as the safest, most skilled and advanced operators available.

We have recognised that with the introduction of new laws and regulations coming into effect in January 2021; which we are well placed to abide by, the qualifications available surrounding the safe operation of drones is becoming increasingly diversified.

With this increased diversity of available qualifications comes the confusion surrounding what the new laws and regulations mean to someone that is not involved in the industry, but looking to hire a trained, safe and insured operator. We have therefore prioritised re-branding our safety recognitions to ensure that the general public understands what being a Drone Safe Register™ member really means.

It has always been important to us to recognise our highly skilled drone operators and established network and now we can do so in a new and exciting way.

Drone Safe Register™ will be introducing the ‘Gold Certified’ Membership in replacement of the Professional Membership.

This re-branding stands to increase the promotion of our skilled professional PfCO and Operational Authorisation holders abilities, further increasing discoverability and enabling benchmark recognition from within the industry and beyond.

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This brand change and certification status encourages an accredited recognition that your company’s operations are approved not only by the CAA, but Drone Safe Register™.

As the UK’s leading and largest network of professional drone operators we aim to help the general public understand the applications of drones by educating them about the importance of hiring trained, safe and insured operators as opposed to those that are not qualified or insured for safe flights.

Moving into 2021, with the changes to the laws and regulations surrounding safe drone operations insurance is especially important.

We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring someone that is correctly insured, no one can predict the unpredictable. 

Hiring a Drone Safe Register™ Gold Certified member ensures that all necessary precautions have been taken care of. 

Our Gold Certified members undergo extensive training to ensure each flight is conducted with the necessary flight plans and risk assessments to maintain optimum safety in all environments.

Fundamentally, the Gold Certified membership will encourage understanding among the wider community that drones are safer, cheaper and more efficient alternatives to work related aerial data collection methods AND for fun, all when they’re being used safely and responsibly.

By setting high quality standards among our members and accrediting them by way of a ‘Gold Certified’ recognition we are confident that the general public will continue to open their minds to drone operations as a safe source of aerial data retrieval.

Included in the re-branding will be –

  • Increased marketing for ‘Gold Certified’ Members.

  • Gold Certified member packs (New PfCO/ Operational Authorisation holders signing up to this Gold Certified Membership will receive them, with all existing members receiving this upon their membership renewal).

  • Recognition as a Drone Safe Register™ trained, safe and insured drone pilot.

New Gold Certified logos will be displayed on all Gold Certified member profiles alongside a member reference number, which can be checked for reference on the DSR website.

Drones are a fantastic source of aerial data collection – Our Drone Safe Register™Gold Certified members have a wealth of other skills.

Hiring a Drone Safe Register™ Gold Certified member has never been easier. Use our Instant Quote system to obtain free, no obligation quotes with no agency fees or commissions. Book your next aerial data request with Gold Certified pilots directly, using our quick and easy system.

Hire Gold Certified Drone Operators 

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