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30 12, 2020

Gold Certified Drone Operators with Drone Safe Register

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Gold Certified Drone OperatorsWith over 6,000 CAA Approved PfCO holders, and hundreds more set to qualify in 2021, Drone Safe Register™ has over the last 5 years endeavoured to set the benchmark for the hiring of trained, safe and insured commercial drone operators.Gold Certified members – The safest, most skilled and advanced operators available. In an increasingly expanding and rapidly diversifying industry, it has never been more important to stand out as the safest, most skilled and advanced operators available.We have recognised that with the introduction of new laws an [...]

11 05, 2019

DSR Back into the Dragons’ Den

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DSR Back into the Dragons’ DenThe 9th of September 2018 was a landmark day in the history of Drone Safe Register as it was the air date of the episode of Dragons’ Den where we gained investment form Dragon Peter Jones CBE.At DSR HQ, we had been keeping our involvement in the BBC’s flagship business programme a secret for the best part of 6 months, so frankly it was a giant relief when it all went public.view our new drone store for the best serviceWe knew that having the investment and backing of someone like Peter would be a game changer for our organisation and it feels as th [...]

23 02, 2019

Register My Drone As A Non Commercial Drone Pilot

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Register My Drone As A Non CommercialA lot of the time on our blog, we talk about the benefits drone registration, drone photography and videography can bring to a commercial operation. Maybe, what we don’t mention so much is how much fun drones can be as a hobby.Our hobbyist membership is growing all the time and we will shortly be launching a blog series featuring some of our talented members along with showcasing some of our increasing range of member benefits which we are very excited about.Register My Drone HEREOur hobbyist members are at the forefont of an exciting new leisur [...]

15 10, 2021

How To Build Your DSR Profile

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An impressive drone company profile will not only help stand out from the competition but it will help you rank higher in online web search rankings. Think of your profile as an online shop-window - make your profile as appetising as possible!We’ve put together a quick, easy to follow guide on how you can improve your profile in the space of an evening. So as the nights get colder, settle in and improve your profile. [...]

29 07, 2022

What is Drone Safe Register?

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What is Drone Safe Register?Drone technology emerged and developed so quickly that aviation bodies and law enforcement around the world were in catch-up mode for a couple of years. Organisations like the CAA had to understand the risks drones presented to manned aircraft and formulate a strategy to keep up. As an earlier adopter of drones, Mark Boyt quickly saw the need for an independent organisation to ensure they were used safely and in the best interests of the general public. Mark also saw the fantastic business opportunities drones created in the right hands - roof inspections, [...]