What is Drone Safe Register?

Drone technology emerged and developed so quickly that aviation bodies and law enforcement around the world were in catch-up mode for a couple of years. Organisations like the CAA had to understand the risks drones presented to manned aircraft and formulate a strategy to keep up. As an earlier adopter of drones, Mark Boyt quickly saw the need for an independent organisation to ensure they were used safely and in the best interests of the general public. Mark also saw the fantastic business opportunities drones created in the right hands - roof inspections, property marketing and a full range of aerial photography applications.

Drone Safe Register was founded in 2016, the first organisation of its kind in the UK. Mark took the business into the BBC’s Dragons Den in 2018 and secured investment from Peter Jones. This was a great endorsement of the concept and helped to drive things forwards, but ultimately Mark decided he wanted to be captain of his own ship again. Today Drone Safe Register has 500+ qualified and insured CAA Approved commercial drone operators available for hire. 

The Covid pandemic was a very difficult time for the drone operator business - most were literally grounded! - but Mark turned this into an opportunity and expanded into Drone Safe Store. This gives members access to the latest drones and accessories at very competitive prices. But it’s much more than that - Drone Safe Store is about offering expert advice and levels of support and customer service we rarely see nowadays where the likes of Amazon have turned everything into a ‘click and buy’ transaction.

All Drone Safe Register Operators are Safe, Legal and Qualified

If you’re looking to hire a drone operator, Drone Safe Register is the place to come. Our instant quote system gives you access to safe and legal drone experts who can help with everything from drone wedding filming to aerial inspection work.

Rogue operators may be a cheap option for drone hire, but if they aren’t qualified, registered and insured they carry significant risk. Modern drones are extremely safe in the right hands, but an operator needs to know his aircraft well, carry out risk assessments before flying and know what to do in an emergency. All Drone Safe Register members have studied for and passed the required qualifications as set out by the CAA. The so-called A2 C of C (A2 Certificate of Competency) covers the legal and safety aspects of drone flying. Some operators undertake additional training for more advanced qualifications.

What is Drone Safe Register?

Commission Free Jobs

Once an operator is approved by Drone Safe Register they have access to our quote enquiries free of any commission or fees. These may be one-off jobs, but they often lead to regular work and ongoing income. For example, a local insurance loss adjuster may call upon one of our members for repeat business once they see the value a drone deployment can add. The range of enquiries is vast - from drone roof inspection work to aerial filming of events.


Annual membership of Drone Safe Register is only £199+VAT, and this can easily be covered in one or two jobs. Put another way that’s £19.90 a month for access to quotes from our highly optimised website with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. 

In addition to work from instant quote activity, members are encouraged to take an active part in the Drone Safe Register members group. This is fantastic for networking, and there are daily requests for help with work from busy operators. There are also ‘white label’ opportunities where another drone business needs an operator to carry out work on their behalf. 

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