Out-the-box Ideas for 
Lockdown 2.0
Did you know that Drone Safe Register™ have a network of safe, trained and professional drone operators ready for take-off? We’ve compiled a list of out-the-box ideas to help you utilise our members’ drone services throughout lockdown 2.0.
Another lockdown is looming and many people are wondering how their business operations will continue amid the increasing restrictions imposed by the UK Government.
Drone Services are being increasingly recognised as a cheaper and safer alternative for smart data collection.
Socially distanced operations are business as usual for our professional drone operators.
While many companies are going contact-free for Covid-19, we have always remained an industry that can operate without the need for close human interaction, making our drone services an obvious alternative to roof inspections, insurance and construction applications and property marketing, to name a few.
Elevated Property Marketing Opportunities –
Agents, Commercial Property Managers and various other Property Marketing Experts can benefit from the introduction of Aerial and Ground Video, Film, Photography and Drone Operator Hire all in the click of a button using our instant quote system.
With Drone Safe Register™, you can use our drone services to get ahead of the game. Demonstrate the vast open spaces and landscapes of your property, whether it is commercial or residential, without the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas shopping scene.
Take advantage of an out-the-box perspective in the property market, ensuring your property marketing material is a step above the rest. Hiring one of our CAA approved drone operators to complete a virtual tour ensures your company is providing fresh new marketing angles bound to catch the eye of your potential clients.
Combining Interactive 3D Model Systems, Gimbal Stabilised Cinematic Footage and Drone Fly-Through shots will seamlessly capture a property or project in a way that tells a story to your customers.
Drones for Roof Inspections –
Utilising our affordable drone services to complete essential pre-winter external checks to your property could save you hundreds, if not thousands, in what’s set to be a wet and windy winter period.
Drones are rapidly becoming the solution to significantly reducing the cost and dangers of data retrieval. Using our drone services for roof inspection aerial data collection, you will save time and money, all the while maintaining the highest level of safety and aerial data quality.
With our aerial data retrieval services, you can expect to identify smaller issues; like loose tiles or broken guttering, that may get overlooked in a manned, scaffold-supported inspection.
Drone roof inspections are a great alternative to the current mainstream roof inspection services. The scale of operations our professional members undertake nationwide means that our skilled drone pilots are not only able to obtain extremely detailed evidence, but can do so in an efficient way for a fraction of the cost.
Using a drone for a roof inspection/survey has many advantages over traditional methods, including:
  • High-resolution aerial data collection
  • Quality condition reports of gutters, chimneys and roof space with additional roof mapping and thermal inspection capabilities
  • Access to hidden/inaccessible areas of the roof
  • Quick turn around times of aerial data collection and data transfer
  • Savings of 60-70% in comparison to traditional data collection methods
  • No need to hire scaffolding and access equipment
  • Safe and efficient access
The world might be on hold but we are not – take advantage of this time to get ahead of your external survey/inspection errands.
Applications of Drones in the Insurance Industry –
Aerial inspections are anticipated to save the insurance industry millions in the next 5 years.
The industry has already been seen to be embracing drone technology and taking advantage of drone deployment opportunities.
Insurance industry drone use has seen increased risk management strategies achieved, through improved data collection; as a result, we are also seeing reduced operational costs following improved efficiency.
The applications of drone deployment in the insurance industry are varied across both pre and post-loss factors; with additional applications arising as drone technology continues to innovate future movements and possibilities.
Pre-loss applications are already being used to monitor property/land risk and provide quality aerial data for solution-built pricing. Another example of pre-loss drone deployment benefits is the safe and efficient monitoring of areas affected by, or with the potential to be affected by natural disaster.
Post-loss applications of drone deployment include high precision data that can improve the quality of the claims adjudication process, risk assessment benefits, efficient and cost-effective inspection completion and fraud prevention, to name a few.
Reducing claims settlement times with the efficiency of drone deployments will result in adjusters and underwriters obtaining critical information faster than traditional data collection methods.
Capturing Construction –
This lockdown will be different from the last with the opportunities for the construction industry to continue amid the restrictions. Now it is more imperative than ever to ensure on-site safety is enforced, what better way to make certain your site is safe than real-time monitoring?
Capturing construction is a bold new way to demonstrate the development in action. Using a combination of Time-lapse and Hyperlapse will not only provide data that supports the reporting of on-site progress but also provides quality aerial data for marketing purposes.
Drones are being deployed in the construction industry to track progress, save time and resources and collect real-time data for a better understanding of on-site events. These aerial insights can increase progression tracking and ensure that any problems are caught out early before an increased cost or projected project time.
As well as delivering all of the above, aerial data can provide extremely accurate 3D Mapping, measurements and thermo-sensitive data for applications prior to construction beginning.
We have the largest network of CAA approved drone pilots in the UK. Our ready to go drone deployment service is ready when you are. Get your instant quote now following the link below to our website.
If you have any questions, please contact 01243 882440 to speak to one of our team here at Drone Safe Register™.


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