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4 11, 2020

Out-the-box Ideas for Lockdown 2.0

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Out-the-box Ideas for Lockdown 2.0Did you know that Drone Safe Register™ have a network of safe, trained and professional drone operators ready for take-off? We’ve compiled a list of out-the-box ideas to help you utilise our members’ drone services throughout lockdown 2.0.Another lockdown is looming and many people are wondering how their business operations will continue amid the increasing restrictions imposed by the UK Government.Drone Services are being increasingly recognised as a cheaper and safer alternative for smart data collection.Socially distanced operations ar [...]

28 01, 2019

Benefits of drones in Agriculture

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Drones in AgricultureIt’s largely agreed that the UK and Ireland have barely begun to tap into the huge potential that commercial drones have to offer.An industry still in its infancy, the business world is still investigating ways in which drones and unmanned aerial vehicles in general can make operations faster, safer and more cost efficient.One area that has been quicker to the party in leveraging ‘drone power’ is agriculture.  In fact 18% of farmers are now thought to be using drones in some form to assist them with their land management.  Particularly impressive [...]

30 07, 2017

3D Mapping & 360° virtual tours available from DSR members

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3D Mapping & 360° virtual tours from Drone Safe RegisterHundreds of pre-checked CAA approved and insured commercial drone operators available for hire nationwide.  Many of our members specialise in drone data capture to create 3D maps and 360° degree virtual tours. 3D mapping demand is taking off in many of the UK’s business and industry sectors.  To cater for this surge, sophisticated 3D mapping software applications have been launched to help commercial drone pilots capture data and to enable end users to view aerial maps from a three dimensional perspective. [...]

28 08, 2023

Photogrammetry Drone Surveys

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Photogrammetry is the process of obtaining accurate measurements and data from photographs. It can be used to assess characteristics such as the shape, size and location of physical objects, and is used in surveying and mapping. Photogrammetry drone surveys have become very popular in recent years, and the use of aerial cameras improves the speed and accuracy of the process. [...]