The Power of Networking in the Drone Industry
In 2015, Mark Boyt set up Drone Safe Register™, the UK’s first professional network of safe, legal and insured drone operators for hire.
After noticing a gap in the market for a safe and supportive group of legal and professionally trained drone operators, Mark knew there was an opportunity for something to be done to increase networking in the drone industry.
Drone Safe Register™ was launched and is now the UK’s largest network of CAA Approved Drone Operators. Our members provide a quality service for residential property, industrial and insurance industries, to name a few.
With an Instant Quote System, Unique Company Profile Search System and Stock Footage Facility, our services go beyond that of a normal registry.
Our aim at Drone Safe Register™ has always been to provide a space for like-minded, passionate individuals to come together and share their drone operation skills.
As well as access to a number of exclusive discounts with our partner companies, our members are welcomed to join our exclusive closed networking platform.
At Drone Safe Register™ we believe that networking in the industry is of utmost importance to success, just one of the reasons we are proud to have helped forge hundreds of strong networking relationships and friendships among our members.
The importance of a networking platform for Drone Safe Register™ professional members goes beyond its ability to create working relationships. In a community that sees many working independently, our drone network encourages shared job opportunities in addition to tech queries, insurance advises and regular industry updates.
Our closed network group sees a number of opportunities shared per day (In addition to automatic quotes sent out from our instant quote system). Opportunities are offered out for a number of reasons, whether it’s an inability to complete the job in the required time frame, out of location boundaries or a lack of required equipment.
We see a number of professional members working together and reaching out to ensure another professional member that cares about the reputation of the drone industry remaining safe and legal completes the job.
The closed member's network has proved invaluable to a number of our professional members, both new and old. Many of our members have been with us from the very start, proving that being a member of Drone Safe Register™ is an indispensable tool in the drone industry.

Social networks play a huge role in not only communicating with your customers about the services you provide but also communicating with other members for the purpose of developing your brand awareness among others established in the drone industry.
Our Marketing Team is on hand to ensure that we are playing our part in increasing awareness of your services among potential customers, but also to ensure that you are utilising our well-established media platforms to share your unique company profile and social media content, further boosting the exposure of your brand.
Our member’s skills are by no means limited to that of drone operations. We have hundreds of professional members (DBS checked), nationwide, that provide the groundwork, cable cam and FPV specialised footage. Many industries are still unaware of the applications of drone operators, something we are working hard to change.
Despite the challenges of the pandemic we have seen a consistent increase in job opportunities available to our member's network, from our Instant Quote System, Unique Member Profile Views and Media Marketing (supported by our in-house marketing team).
Drone Safe Register™ provides a safe, controlled environment for members to network. Some of our Drone Safe Register success stories feature job opportunities, such as:
Other successes from our closed networking platform feature the lending of equipment, multiple members working in cohesion on professional projects and unparalleled technology support from like-minded members.
All of the above is further supported by a network of industry professionals and partnerships that Drone Safe Register™ has built up over the years. This includes Coverdrone insurance specialists, Altitude Angel (Flight Risk Assessors – Built into the member's dashboard) and a number of professional training providers, nationwide.

Find out more about our membership options in the ‘Memberships’ dropdown at the top of this page.
Alternatively, you can call 01243 882440 for a free impartial chat.


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