Save Money Completing your Church Roof Inspections by Drone

Drones offer a state of the art access solution for surveys and inspection work. If you’re wondering how much a Church roof inspection will cost in the UK, this article will give you a good understanding.

Church Roof Inspections at Fixed Prices

Drones are rapidly becoming the solution to significantly reducing the cost and dangers of data retrieval. By embracing the use of drones, you will save time and money, all the while maintaining the highest level of safety and aerial data quality.

Drone Safe Register is the largest network of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved professionals nationwide. Having started our operations in 2015, our industry leading aerial data services are changing the game in external surveying, roofing inspections and elevated commercial property photography.

Church Roof Inspections - religious building

If you’re investing in or managing a religious building you should consider a full roof inspection, in most cases the cost of a roof inspection could pay for itself many times over if it identifies serious problems.

With our quality aerial data retrieval, you can expect to identify smaller issues; like loose tiles or broken guttering, that may get overlooked in a manned, scaffold-supported inspection.

Drone roof inspections are a great alternative to the current mainstream roof inspection services. The scale of operations our professional members undertake nationwide means that our skilled drone pilots are not only able to obtain extremely detailed evidence, but can do so in an efficient way for a fraction of the cost.

The cost of a roof inspection by a roofer or surveyor will vary depending on the size of the property, how easy it is to access and the nature of the construction. Assessing properties with potentially complex access issues and roof mapping will also increase the cost of a manned inspection and in some cases place limitations on access to the entire roof structure.

Church Roof Inspections at fixed prices

What does a Church roof inspection cost with a drone? Again, the price will vary depending on what’s involved. Our fixed prices depend on the scale of the Church alone with only additional costs to consider if a second eye is needed on the drone while flying and ensuring a safe landing in particularly congested areas. The advantage of using a drone is obvious – there’s no need to worry about ladders, scaffolding or climbing out of windows. A drone can take off from a very small piece of land, record videos and photographs of a Church roof and be back on the ground in around twenty minutes.

In the case of a Church roof inspection report for insurance, images from a drone can be very powerful in getting a fair payment.

Using a drone for a Church roof survey has many advantages over traditional methods, including:

  • High resolution aerial data collection
  • Quality condition reports of gutters, chimneys and roof space with additional roof mapping and thermal inspection capabilities
  • Access to hidden/inaccessible areas of roof
  • Quick turn around times of aerial data collection and data transfer
  • Savings of 60-70% in comparison to traditional data collection methods
  • No need to hire scaffolding and access equipment
  • Safe and efficient access
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Our CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone pilots operate to a strict code of conduct to mitigate all risks, so you don’t have to worry

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