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Drone Safe Register, the nation’s leading aerial data provider, has developed a commercial partner accounts program that will change the way elevated property photography; external surveys and inspection requests are completed.

*This has now been relaunched as a fully comprehensive online booking system* - Click here to access 

The world is constantly evolving and drones are rapidly becoming the solution to significantly reducing the cost of data retrieval. By embracing the use of drones, insurance companies, estate agents and commercial property managers will be able to re-focus, develop and incentivise lucrative new movements within their industry.

Drone Safe Register is the largest network of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved professionals nationwide. Having started our operations in 2015, our industry-leading aerial data services are changing the game in external surveying, roofing inspections and boundary dispute settlements.

Our new and exclusive Partner Accounts Portal will provide a one-stop booking facility for all aerial data requests, streamlining numerous channels of work on one simple system.

What you can expect from this exclusive commercial service:

  • Quality aerial data captured legally

  • 24-48 hours average turn around time

  • Exclusive access to the ‘Drone Safe Partner Portal’

  • 1-2 hour response time

  • Secure, safe, Amazon UK based servers

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Manageable multi-channel work streaming system

  • Reasonable fixed prices

  • Pay as you go or 28-day account set up

All exclusive Partner Accounts will be supported by our Major Accounts Manager, Frank George. With a wealth of experience in fast-paced digital environments, aerial data collection and account managing, Frank will be able to offer expert advice and additional guidance to account holders via our telephone booking helpline 01243 882440.

The applications of drones in commercial aerial data collection

Aerial inspections are anticipated to save the insurance industry millions in the next 5 years. Book one of Drone Safe Partners certified, licensed pilots from our list of professional members nationwide from as little as £199 using our fully automated platform. Prices are fixed but subject to the conversation based on volume.

Get in touch with our team today for a free, impartial chat.

Safe operations are imperative to the way we work…a push from the CAA and an increased necessity for drone pilot registration following enforced EU legislation for unmanned aircraft should see further enforcement and increased communication surrounding the safe capturing of aerial data.

Meanwhile, at Drone Safe Register, safe flights and the delivery of quality aerial data with efficient turnaround times have always been at the core of our company. With our ever-expanding network of professional and qualified members nationwide, we are able to deliver quality aerial footage with efficiency, at a reasonable price every time.

Mark Boyt, CEO and Founder of Drone Safe Register said “We have worked extremely hard over the past 5 years to be in the unique position we find ourselves in today. Now is the right time to launch our partner portals, we know many insurance companies have not been utilising the lucrative drone industry due to increased costs. Our services are designed with the purpose of keeping costs reasonable and maintaining the delivery of high-quality aerial data, saving the insurance industry millions.”

Have you been paying too much for Commercial Aerial Data?

Switching to Drone Safe Register for your aerial data delivery could be pivotal to your company with a number of lucrative incentives, what are you waiting for?

Visit dronesafepartners.com to set up your free partner account!

Commercial Partner Accounts with Drone Safe Register


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