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Drone Virtual Tours are providing a powerful and unique way of showcasing interactive interpretations of your location and surrounding amenities.

At Drone Safe Register™, we have an established network of CAA Approved, professional members with a vast range of skills.

A number of Drone Safe Register™ members complete high-resolution Virtual Tours for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties, to name a few.

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The innovation of FPV (First Person View) has seen numerous members of our community expanding their skills in what has been a revolutionary flying form. These compact, lightweight drones are flown using special goggles and an extremely specialised skillset.

The FPV technique takes a huge amount of practice, focus and precision. We are immensely proud to be able to offer this service through our directory of professional members, nationwide.

This pioneering service allows skilled drone operators to capture close proximity footage. With cinematic style capture capabilities, this form of aerial video shooting enables seamless storytelling functions, perfect for engaging audiences in your location and associated services.

Our members use a number of different high-tech equipment pieces, dependant on the style of footage they are delivering.

FPV racing drones provide increased speed and mobility; this requires a heightened sense of spatial awareness and immaculate manoeuvre practise. This particular method is primarily used to capture fast-paced events, sports and other outdoor activities.

Cinewhoop drones are another popular flying form among the FPV community. This powerful and compact drone type allows close proximity capture in more confined spaces, again taking a huge amount of control and precision.

Many of our professional members are also highly experienced ground camera operators. Using a combination of ground and aerial data collection can provide a multi-layered approach to presenting various different aspects of a property or landscape.

This unique interpretation of media presentation allows you to engage new audiences with new angles. Extreme stabilisation and high-resolution as a combination provides flawless footage that makes promoting your business a seamless process.

With years of experience, our CAA approved drone pilots are well equipped to handle complicated set up situations and operate to Drone Safe Register™ safe and legal standards.

Benefits of using Virtual Tours to promote your business: 

  • Keep up with the Action

  • Internal and External Flight Ability

  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Marketing Material 

  • Interactive and ‘Walk Through’ styles 

  • Full Package Editing and Interactivity Available 

  • Showcase your Property from a Unique Perspective

  • Demonstrate Vast Spaces of Land and Property

  • Engage New Audiences with New Angles

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Virtual Tour and Additional Interactive Element examples from our Professional Members –

Our FPV specific professional members are based in a number of locations across the UK – Use the drop-down in our easy to use Instant Quote System to select ‘Hire FPV Drone Pilot’ or ‘Hire 360 Virtual Tour’.


This second lockdown has seen a rise in FPV and specifically Virtual Tour application opportunities among our member's network. Find out what we can do for you today!

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