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A number of questions surrounding the use of drones for commercial photography are focused on the costs and advantages associated with hiring a drone pilot. This article will aim to clear up some common misconceptions around the efficiency, expenses and content creation capabilities, associated with hiring a drone operator for commercial purposes.

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Increasing applications of Commercial Drone Photography –

In 2010 there were just 5 drone operators with commercial operating permissions, to date (16th November 2020) this number has increased to just fewer than 6,000 drone operators with Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO). This increase in operators can be seen to correlate with the demand for commercial drone photography applications.

At Drone Safe Register™ we pride ourselves in our network of Professional, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Approved commercial drone operators and specialists. It is imperative to the values of our company that we ensure all of our *Professional Members* adhere to the safety standards set out by the CAA, to ensure the delivery of quality commercial drone data, in a safe and efficient manner. 

Despite speculation, drones are increasingly becoming the most cost-effective form of aerial data retrieval. Including aerial data in your marketing material for commercial advertising purposes can open up a dynamic viewpoint to potential customers, encouraging engagement with fresh new perspectives. 

According to Bidvine, the UK’s national average cost for Commercial Photography can be up to £450. In comparison, using a Drone for Commercial Photography content in the UK costs up to 50% more than standardised Commercial Photography. Although this is a seemingly steep increase in costs, the numerous additional applications of using a drone for commercial content offer significantly increased value for money through improved content quality.

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Applications of Commercial Drone Photography: 

  • Safe, Efficient and Cost-Effective Data Collection Method

  • Aerial Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Drone Virtual Tours

  • Residential, Industrial and Commercial Property Promotions

  • Product and Service Marketing Material

  • Ability to Showcase Virtual Reality Perspectives of Large Scale Spaces and Events. 

Our Commercial Drone Photography Services can be provided in a number of formats, including RAW, JPEG or edited packages. Many of our Professional, CAA Approved Members are able to develop and deliver quality projects from the initial idea to a finished high-resolution post-production piece. 

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Same day data delivery…

The efficiency of hiring a drone operator can see the turn around of data capture and delivery all in the same day, featuring the additional benefits of an increased cinematic perspective in comparison to more traditional commercial photography methods. With the additional ability to have a drone in the air and capturing invaluable data within minutes, this data capture form is widely misinterpreted as a timely process among the general public. 

Commercial Drone Photography conforms to all of the typical conventions of capturing marketing material for the purpose of increasing product and service recognition; while simultaneously enhancing interactive experiences by immersing consumers in a new, exciting and diversified data experience. 

Why not go for quality over quantity?

With intelligent flight functions, commercial drone photography and filming is captured with numerous cinematic elements, offering opportunities to grab the attention of wider audiences by telling a story with creative content.

The evolution of the internet has seen a multitude of new digital marketing concepts being developed every day making it more important now, than ever before to stand out from the crowd. 

Unlike ‘the old days of browsing shop windows and word of mouth being the most effective form of service understanding, consumers seek digitised innovation and immersive experiences, with each one outdoing the next. A never-ending catalogue of the newest products and services are constantly catching the attention of audiences due to the sheer volume. 

It is extremely important that the presence of your product or service demonstrates all of your key selling points and benefits. By using a drone to shoot Commercial Photography and Film, your business will see a rise in consumer engagement with your promotional content offering fresh new perspectives. 

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The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is ideal for perfecting aerial photography. With an excellent quality Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, signature 3-Axis Stabilised Gimbal and compact style type, this portable technology will elevate your content quality in more ways than one.

The DJI RSC 2 and DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo features a Monocoque carbon-fibre handle, with 4.5kg payload capability and ActiveTrack 3.0, this Camera Stabiliser also features a full-colour LCD screen.

As part of a DJI dual release for the new Ronin series, the DJI RS 2 has an increased gimbal to payload weight capability. With an additional Axis lock, Dual focusing system and 1.4″ touchscreen this incredible technology will enable your creative capabilities to develop with up to 12 hours of battery life.

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