Our Partnership with Altitude Angel

Drone Safe Register™ are working with Altitude Angel to continue delivering a Live Risk Assessment feature as part of the member's dashboard. 

Who is Altitude Angel and what do they do?

Altitude Angel is an aviation technology company that creates global-scale solutions to enable the safe integration and use of fully autonomous drones into global airspace.

Their purpose-built platform has been integrated into our Drone Safe Register™ Professional Members Dashboard, enabling members to utilise Live Location Hazard services before and during all of their UAV flight plans.

Access to a rich source of real-time airspace, environmental and regulatory data which is expertly customised to the specific operation is an invaluable tool to ensure our members are able to carry out safe and legally protected drone operations anywhere, anytime.

 What are the benefits of the system?

This informative tool is used by hundreds of our Professional Members to ensure they are receiving up-to-date information regarding hazards and relevant permission information for their planned flight location.

This ensures that all Drone Safe Register™professional operators are able to perform their service to the highest safety standards, maintaining their focus on delivering the highest quality content.

We have been working with Altitude Angel for over a year and we are delighted to continue our partnership into 2021. We are seeing an increasing number of our members month-on-month, utilising this advanced technology to complete their flight plans.

This invaluable live location hazard data tool enables our members to request and print an unlimited number of live location data reports, providing a fully comprehensive risk score and list of relevant hazards and contact details.

Professional Members Dashboard

This is just one of the many steps we take at Drone Safe Register to ensure our members are able to operate in the safest and most efficient way. 

Simple and Easy to use –

  • Using the Drone Safe Register™ members dashboard, you can select the ‘Airspace Information’ tab.

  • Input the postcode of the relevant area you are due to be performing your flight.

  • Select a relevant radius for which your drone flight is due to cover, filtering out unnecessary permission suggestions.

  • Click ‘Generate Report’ – a report is generated containing a list of comprehensive risk factors and a list of suggested local contacts to inform of your flight plans.

  • This information is provided to ensure you have made all relevant authorities and companies aware of your plans, further reinforcing positive connotations around the use of drones in the local area and saving any unnecessary queries from authorities while carrying out your safe operations.

This Altitude Angel software ultimately provides additional support to our members, enabling them to adhere to strict safety standards and uphold the reputation of the safe and efficient collection of quality aerial data.

Increasing the safety of drone operations in controlled areas means that we can ensure the safety of not only our qualified and professional drone operators but the people they are working in close proximity to, in the process of delivering data requests.

We use a number of the advanced data services provided by Altitude Angel for our aerial inspection data tools and we are looking forward to integrating more of their progressive and innovative data designs into our processing systems.

If you are not already a member of Drone Safe Register™, why not?

We pride ourselves in our nationwide network of CAA Approved Drone Operators. We provide members with a safe space to network with like-minded drone enthusiasts, with a number of additional benefits.

Benefits include, but are not limited to, a built-in Altitude Angel Live Hazard report system, Coverdrone Insurance discounts, Specialised DJI Drone Store discounts, Training discounts and an invaluable support network of industry professionals.

In addition to this, our marketing team is working hard to increase customers’ awareness of the applications available to them when using a drone operator for the safe, legal and efficient collection of aerial data.

Our memberships are open to all PfCO drone operators, we are also now welcoming A2 CofC operators to join our newly-formed Advanced network, offering support to those planning to progress into the commercial side of drone operations.

To find out more about joining our team of safe, trained and legal drone operators visit our website linked below, alternatively, call 01243 882440 to talk to one of our friendly membership advisors.

Our Membership Plans 


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