Drones for Surveys and Inspections

Drones offer a safer and more efficient evidence-based alternative to data collection methods for surveys and inspections. 
This article will explore the benefits of hiring a safe, trained and legal commercial drone operator from Drone Safe Register™ to complete your Drone Surveys and Inspections. 
Aerial drone inspections 
Traditional methods of inspection and survey data collection see customers spending upwards of £500 on setting up scaffolding and the hiring of independent bodies for ladder observations with limited or no evidence provided.
Why use drones for roof inspections and surveys?
Drones are rapidly becoming the solution to significantly reducing the cost and dangers of data retrieval. Using our drone services for roof inspection aerial data collection, you will save time and money, all the while maintaining the highest level of safety and aerial data quality.
Utilising our affordable drone services to complete essential pre-winter external checks to your property could save you hundreds, if not thousands, in what’s set to be a wet and windy winter period. Completing surveyance by drone as part of your annual roof management schedule minimises the risks associated with scaling a building or roof that has limited or high-risk access points.
Drones enable surveyors to utilise video and still image-based data provided by an aerial data collection, to make informed decisions and provide comprehensive reports, supported by evidence, surrounding any issues that may be highlighted by the inspection.
With our aerial data retrieval services, you can expect to identify smaller issues; like loose tiles or broken guttering, that may get overlooked in a manned, scaffold-supported inspection.
Drone roof inspections are a great alternative to the current mainstream roof inspection services. The scale of operations our professional members undertake nationwide means that our skilled drone pilots are not only able to obtain extremely detailed evidence but can do so in an efficient way for a fraction of the cost.
Using a drone for a roof inspection/survey has many advantages over traditional methods, including:
  • High-resolution aerial data collection
  • Quality condition reports of gutters, chimneys and roof space with additional roof mapping and thermal inspection capabilities
  • Access to hidden/inaccessible areas of the roof
  • Quick turnaround times of aerial data collection and data transfer
  • Savings of 60-70% in comparison to traditional data collection methods
  • No need to hire scaffolding and access equipment
  • Safe and efficient access

The world might be on hold, but we are not – take advantage of this time to get ahead of your external survey/inspection errands. Use our Online Booking system to find out how much it will cost with transparent fixed prices. 
Why choose Drone Safe Register™?
 At Drone Safe Register™ we have hundreds of Commercial Drone Operators across the UK completing Commercial Drone Surveys and Inspections.
Drone property inspections are a beneficial tool, collecting photographic and video evidence to support surveyance reports for essential residential, commercial and industrial roof works.
Drones are particularly useful data collection tools in extensively populated areas. Built-up housing conditions not only limit physical access to the external area and roof of the property but will also increase the risk of the flight.
Regardless of the limitations, built-up areas make hiring a drone operator a cheaper, more efficient and safer option for a survey and inspection data collection.
A number of our professional members are surveyors themselves or have close working relationships with surveyors from the work they have delivered to a shared end-user with a common objective. Numerous members have undertaken drone inspection and survey specialist training, which includes meeting surveyors and working together to curate surveys with embedded and annotated photo evidence collected with the purpose of highlighting potential issues and recommendations.
Drone roof surveying allows access to roof areas faster while ensuring high-definition video and RAW footage can be delivered to help identify minor or major problems quicker than conventional surveying methods.
The drones used for aerial roof surveying are fully licenced and operated by CAA Approved drone pilots with relevant permissions to fly in built-up areas, ensuring a completely safe process from start to finish, something that is at the forefront of how Drone Safe Register™ operates.
How much will a drone survey and roof inspection cost?
The average cost associated with aerial data collection for the purpose of providing evidence in a roof inspection/survey is £299 plus VAT.

This price will vary depending on a number of factors, such as,
  • Property Size
  • Property Location
  • Building Type
  • Property Access/Congestion
  • Properties Proximity to the airport or public building of interest.

Use our Online Booking system to browse transparent fixed prices, available to immediate bookings. 


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