Drone Safe Register™ Turns 5!

The Drone Safe team have worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to structure and establish a network of safe, trained and insured professionals, something we are very proud of.

As a result of this hard work, thousands of people are now using our professional network of drone operators, hundreds of members are making their mark in the drone industry and we remain the nations most trusted platform for commercial drone operators.

Not only does our platform provide a number of working opportunities for our registered members, but a safe and secure community within the drone industry.

At Drone Safe Register™ we believe that networking in the industry is of paramount importance to success, just one of the reasons we are proud to have helped forge a number of strong networking relationships among our members through our exclusive member's network.

At the core of Drone Safe Register™ is the predominant need to ensure the safe and legal operation of drones. We are extremely proud to have; in addition to our professional member's network, built a solid network of safe and capable hobbyists.

It is worth recognising that a number of our members have grown with us, many of which have been with us since day one. Without the loyalty and support of these individuals, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have received and been witness to an incredible level of support during the lockdown period of this pandemic, for which we are incredibly grateful.

The resilience and strength of our network mean that not only have we gained some valuable members, but we have also actually been able to steadily offer an increased number of opportunities too.

Although drone technology is rapidly developing, it is worth noting it is by no means new. However, the capabilities of progressive drone technology are being recognised among the wider public as a cheaper and safer alternative to more traditional data collection methods.

Moving with the times is of ultimate importance to our development and progression, not just in the drone industry, but beyond. Which is why we have launched our new Advanced Membership option for A2 CofC drone pilots wanting to begin using their qualification for commercial work.

Over the years, Drone Safe Register™ have been innovators of future-focused technologies, aiming to simplify and fundamentally make hiring a drone operator the most obvious and efficient option for all data collection requests.

As well as developing an iconic instant quote system; Drone Safe Register™ has introduced a number of other platforms to support the queries and requests of both our members and the general public.

2020, Drone Safe Registers™ 5th year, is marked by the launch of the Drone Safe Store, Drone Safe Transfer and a fully comprehensive Online Booking System with fixed prices. With a number of other changes set to be implemented across the industry in 2021 following the new UAS regulations, Drone Safe Register™ are ready for another year of continued development with our valued members, partners and customers, new and old.

A big THANK YOU from the DSR Team.

If you haven’t already used our drone operator services or you’re thinking about becoming a member of our expanding professional drone operator network, what are you waiting for? Start your journey now and follow the link to our website below. Alternatively, you can call 01243 882440 for an impartial chat.

Drone Safe Register™


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