A2 CofC Drone Operator Membership Plans with Drone Safe Register™

Things are changing at Drone Safe Register™

As the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) rolls out the introduction of the A2 CofC, we have launched a new  ‘Advanced’ membership in addition to our current membership options.

This new and exclusive Advanced Membership option will be offered at £208 + VAT, per year with an additional one-of £50 charge in the first year for a one-on-one zoom training session, with one of our professional members. This online training not only provides an invaluable level of support from our existing member's network but assures that Drone Safe Register™ can continue to operate as a safe, trained and insured network of drone industry professionals.

All A2 CofC members must hold correct and valid commercial insurance before each flight. We recommend Coverdrone who are the industry leaders. 

Special offer – A2 CofC Training for just £79

The Drone Safe Register™ Advanced Membership will be offered with an exclusive opportunity to complete the A2 CofC course at a reduced price with one of our training partners.

Building upon the success of our established professional network plan, we have decided to launch this platform for advanced members ahead of the official 2021 rollout date.

Drone Safe Register™ has been providing the public with a registry of safe, CAA approved drone operators since 2015 and will be the UK’s first network of safe, trained and tested A2 drone operators.

The A2 Certificate of Competency, known as the A2 CofC is brand-new drone permission that was developed by the CAA following EASA. Having originally been forecast with an implementation date of July 2020, further delays have postponed the implementation date to the 1st January 2021.

At Drone Safe Register™ we believe that networking in the industry is of paramount importance to success, which is why we are offering new talent the opportunity to join our closed network of Advanced (A2 CofC) Members from today (October 29th, 2020) to start enjoying the benefits of a Drone Safe Register™ Membership for an additional two months at no extra cost.

Advanced Memberships will become live on the 1st of January 2021, at which point your location pin will become ‘live’ on our interactive mapping system, enabling customers to browse and request your services.

What is the A2 CofC?

The A2 CofC enables an expanded category of drone operators to fly in ways that have not been possible before. Primarily categorised on the aircraft you’re flying as opposed to space you’re flying in, this new form of drone operation will encourage diversity within the drone industry.

It is thought that this new category of drone pilots will see manufacturers launching more suitable drone models. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@dronesafestore) to stay updated on all the latest DJI releases and category drone updates.

Training information – 

This new training opportunity, offered at an exclusive discounted price to Drone Safe Register™ Advanced Membership holders, can be completed online with an additional Flight Test requirement to ensure we maintain a high standard of safe and trained drone operators.

The training requirements for the A2 CofC cover theoretical learning, a theoretical exam and self-guided practical flight training. There will be no practical flying test or exam but anyone joining Drone Safe Register™ as an Advanced Member will be required to attend a one-on-one zoom presentation with one of our professional member.

The A2 CofC permission will remain valid for 5 years; with the training permitting commercial activity from the 1st of January 2021, in line with our Advanced Members live pin map launch.

Our exclusive online training school will teach members how to complete risk assessment forms and perform other necessary documents. This stage must be completed and signed off before you are able to fly commercially as a Drone Safe Register™ Advanced Member.

We are offering an exclusive 5% discount on commercial operation insurance from the industry-leading insurance provider and proud partners, Coverdrone.

The Benefits of our A2 CofC Advanced Membership

Drone Safe Register is the UK’s most progressive, innovative and comprehensive specialist services directory within the UK and Ireland. We are helping thousands of customers each year collect ground & air imagery safely and legally.

Drone Safe Register™ represents the very best, safest and professional drone operators for hire throughout the UK and Ireland. We also offer a wide range of additional specialist services.

Joining our ‘Advanced membership’ allows you FULL access to all our additional services, but you must hold an A2 CofC Pass document and Drone Safe Register™ flight test.

Advanced Membership Includes –

A Customised Company Profile with links to your Website and or Social Platforms from the 1st January 2021.

  • Invited to join our Advanced Member closed network group

  • Receive unlimited quote requests from our instant quote system (live from 1st January 2021)

  • Access to transparent statistics of leads and views for your profile

  • White labelled job opportunities

  • DSR branded ID card & operator ID stickers (Supplied January 2021)

  • DSR partner discounts for Coverdrone & our very own Drone Safe Store

  • Free uploads to our UK aerial stock footage from January 2021

  • Online flight logging

  • Printable location risk assessments

  • Renewal at £160 + VAT

Sign up for your Advanced Membership now for just £208 + VAT for the first year.

Start your journey with Drone Safe Register™ Today 

Alternatively, you can contact us about this exclusive deal via email at [email protected] 

or telephone 01243 882440.


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