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A lot of the time on our blog, we talk about the benefits drone registration, drone photography and videography can bring to a commercial operation. Maybe, what we don’t mention so much is how much fun drones can be as a hobby.

Our hobbyist membership is growing all the time and we will shortly be launching a blog series featuring some of our talented members along with showcasing some of our increasing range of member benefits which we are very excited about.

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Our hobbyist members are at the forefont of an exciting new leisure industry in the UK. By joining DSR, they are committing to flying safely and legally, abiding by the Drone Code.  In return they receive…

  • DSR ID which they can show to any members of the public who approach them to reassure them of their commitment to safe flight

  • Craft Stickers linked totheir ID. If they lose their drone, this will be used to reunite them with it if it’s found (we’ve had one returned form the North Sea before!)

  • Drone Discount at

  • Copy of the drone code and advice on safety along with information they can share with members  of the public

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Drone Safe Register are the market leaders in drone hire in the UK and Ireland offering great benefits to both it’s professional and hobbyist members as well as an easy way to find and hire your local drone pilot with the guarantee that they will be CAA approved, legal and insured operators.  Drone hire with peace of mind.

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