Improve Your Drone Safe Register Company Profile With These Top Tips

An impressive drone company profile will not only help stand out from the competition but it will help you rank higher in online web search rankings. Think of your profile as an online shop-window - make your profile as appetising as possible!

We’ve put together a quick, easy to follow guide on how you can improve your profile in the space of an evening. So as the nights get colder, settle in and improve your profile.

Make It Look Good:

Your Drone Safe Register company profile is where potential customers can learn the most about you, your drone business and the aerial services you offer. Not only must it feature accurate and up-to-date information, but it must also be eye-catching, unique and informative. 

Ensure you include examples of previous work you have completed which you were especially proud of or was a particularly impressive display of your ability. This will showcase to prospective clients that you are committed to providing an expert, professional service.

*Top Tip - Don’t have a logo? Login to your member’s dashboard for a free consultation with a graphic designer!

It is also important to remember that when uploading company imagery (logos, cover images, showreel etc) that they are high quality. What we mean by this, is that they do not pixelate or distort on bigger/smaller screens. If you want your profile to look as professional as possible, this will go a long way in achieving your goal.

Remember to include a thorough list of the services you are capable of offering, with plenty of information that will help potential customers be fully informed and able to enquire in confidence.

How To Build Your DSR Profile

Make It SEO Optimised:

When building an online business profile, it is important to have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation - that’s SEO for short! Now, we understand that this can be tricky to get your head around - you fly drones, not an online presence - but we do have a few top tips for success!

Firstly, we strongly recommend having at least 200 words in your description. This should feature some keywords and phrases that relate to the services you offer. It is also important to not use duplicate content - don’t just copy and paste from your own website! 

Also, you can quickly and easily add additional Drone Safe Register Services Profiles to help you rank for specific drone operations in your local area. You can toggle on drone operations you offer under the ‘Company Listing’ tab in your dashboard - just click ‘Services’. After you have toggled on a service, return to editing your company listing and you will see a drop-down menu showing which profile you are editing.

*Top Tip - Name your images accurately, this will help boost your SEO Presence!

It’s also important to ensure that any content on your drone profile is relevant to the aerial services you provide, the local areas you cover and is written especially for your Drone Safe Register profile.

We also recommend that you re-visit your company profile every 3 months to add fresh content and update your services. This will show search engines that the page is active and worth ranking.

How To Build Your DSR Profile

Make It Social:

In 2021, social media dominates the online world - if your drone business isn’t on social media, you're missing out!

It is important to blend together your social media presence with your Drone Safe Register profile. You can add your social media links to your profile in your dashboard. This will not only provide a boost to your SEO but will be another avenue to draw in potential customers.

*Top Tip - Use Canva to create posts for social media, it’s very easy to use!

But what should I post? Great question! You should share work you have completed, advertising reviews and testimonials from clients and promote links to your Drone Safe Register profile.

Social media is a super powerful tool to grow the reputation of your business, and it will help you boost your online presence with us.

How To Build Your DSR Profile

Make It Right:

When building your business, having a professional touch is vital... But what does that mean exactly? 

Firstly, it is important that spelling and grammar are top-notch! Ensure that all descriptions of the services you offer are spelt correctly with good attention to detail.

*Top Tip - You can edit your company description in your Profile Dashboard!

To simplify the process, ​​you can use a 3rd Party Tool such as Grammarly to test and improve your description. A bonus of using Grammarly is that the software is able to judge the tone of the piece and tell you whether a piece of writing is formal, informal, welcoming, friendly and much more.

How To Build Your DSR Profile

If you follow these tips to success, you can expect to find more aerial leads in your local area and put your drone business on the map.


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