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As a commercial drone pilot, the time you spend actually flying a drone makes up as little as 10% of the job. At the core of running a commercial drone pilot for hire business is building partnerships with other pilots and companies in the industry. 

Learn how to develop and grow professional partnerships with other drone pilots and businesses within the drone industry.

Build a Professional Drone Pilot Partnership

Building a commercial drone business is hard work, and whilst it’s certainly possible to build your business independently, it doesn’t hurt to work and build rapport with other operators in the industry.

Drone Safe Register members frequently communicate with each other; sharing ideas, asking questions and building their drone operation knowledge. This takes the form of sharing knowledge and information in our exclusive Private Networking Group. 

Sharing knowledge and communicating with other pilots is a necessary foundation of being a commercial drone operator. Our Private Networking Group is home to some of the best commercial drone pilots in the country and even the best in the business sometimes need advice!

Drone Pilot Partnerships

Get More Experience With a Drone Pilot Partnership

Sharing and communicating job opportunities with other pilots may seem like a crazy idea… “Why would I want to share my potential earnings?”. Well, it’s not about sharing money, it’s about sharing the experience.

Every aerial operation is different, with a unique set of challenges and skills needed for each job. By joining another pilot on a job, you are not only learning how other pilots take on these challenges but how you could potentially approach situations like this in the future.

As with most aspects of life, experience and knowledge is everything. Joining another pilot on a job provides these benefits and more. Within our Private Members Group, we’ve been privileged to witness hundreds of collaborations between our members.

Drone Pilot Partnerships

White Label Drone Pilot Job Partnerships

In July of 2021, we noticed the sheer amount of drone pilot partnerships happening within our network and decided to provide them with a boost. We built a new Dashboard Feature for our members allowing them to share and communicate aerial opportunities with each other across the country.

The introduction of White Label Jobs gives our members a fair chance to network and communicate work with other members via the Drone Safe Register platform, without Facebook's interference.

White Label job opportunities change the game for a lot of members, especially for those in an area with few organic quotes happening on a weekly basis.

Drone Pilot Partnerships

Drone Pilot Partnerships With Brands

As an ever-expanding, growing industry, there are a lot of opportunities to worth with companies big and small. Drone Safe Register works alongside Coverdrone to provide professional and affordable insurance solutions for commercial drone operators.

But who can you partner with?

Contact local businesses with local a lot of local influence or offer your services to a big local event, especially if it’s a charity event. Offer your aerial services at a reduced price or even for free and you can showcase your skills to businesses around you. This technique would work especially well for an upcoming local fireworks display - and Drone Safe Register can help you advertise your business!

Drone Pilot Partnerships

Remember that no two pilots or businesses are alike. Individually, we're great, but when we work together, we have the potential to reach so much more. Learn from those around you and grow your business with the help of your fellow drone pilots.

The pilot partnership opportunities offered by Drone Safe Register allow members to network with the best drone pilots in the industry and share their knowledge, skills and expertise.


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