Scarily Good Dashboard Features Have Been Added This October!

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the official Drone Safe Register October Newsletter!

This month we've been busy building new dashboard features, promoting pre-winter roof inspections and keeping on top of the new DJI Announcements!

As the weather gets colder, the nights draw longer and summer seems further away than ever, October has brought in many new opportunities for DSR Members. This month we've been working with you to help improve your DSR profile, prepare your drone business for winter and build new drone pilot partnerships with fellow members. Don't forget the new reveals from DJI! 

New Advertising Templates:

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

We've added a number of excellent templates to your member's dashboard to allow you to professionally advertise your aerial services online this winter. 

These templates have been developed by our in house graphic designer. 

Our templates include advertisements for "End of School Term Photo's", "Winter Roof Inspections", "Fireworks Night" and more!  

You can quickly and easily edit these professional templates by adding your very own logo to the template.

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

New DJI Announcements

This month, DJI have showcased this falls product launches in spectacular style with a series of live announcements from DJI headquarters. 

DJI Action 2

The DJI Action 2 is not only extremely versatile, but it is also the most powerful DJI action camera to date. The innovative magnetic design allows you to easily swap out accessories while capturing life on the go.

From parkour to park walks, break the mold with DJI Action 2.

DJI Ronin 4D

The DJI Ronin 4D is a super-advanced, new technology from DJI, integrating their most advanced technology advancements into an all-in-one cinematography solution. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility to independent cinematographers around the world. 

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

Pre-Winter Roof Inspections:

Winter is Coming! Now is your last chance to book an affordable roof inspection by drone. 

Utilise our affordable roof inspection services to complete essential checks on your property! 

Book roof inspection services from our approved network of commercial drone operators!

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

How To Keep Busy This Winter

Drone Safe Register October 2021 Newsletter

Unfortunately, due to Facebook's outage earlier this month, we were unable to complete October's live member webinars! 

However, perseverance prevailed and we recorded the session for viewing in your own time. 

Within the webinar, we discussed how to improve your DSR profile, utilise drone stock footage and what new digital skills you can learn ahead of winter. 

Remember, without any effort from you, it will be impossible to sustain your drone business throughout winter!

Purchase Bristol Based Aerial Stock Footage:

Bristolians are renowned for their sense of humour, laid back demeanour and ‘funny’ accent, but they also make for excellent commercial drone pilots!

Browse Bristols landmarks from the air and find aerial stock footage from across the South West.

Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store is the South Coast's leading, independent DJI drone store, specialising in supporting new members of our industry to begin their drone journey.

As part of this initiative, we've answered first-time drone operators frequently asked questions! 

What Is The Best Commercial Drone?

How Do I Store Drone Batteries?

What Is The Best Drone For Beginners?

Catch Up On This Months Blogs:

This month was all about building relationships with other Drone Safe Register pilots, how to build a Drone Safe Register profile and how to access drone photography services near you!

Thank you for your continued support across Drone Safe Register & Drone Safe Store.


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