Summer Is In Full Swing! Optimise Your Profile For Weddings, Event Filming And Water Work! 

Welcome to the Drone Safe Register July Newsletter!

It has been a sweltering summer month across the country this July, with temperatures in our office reaching 30 degrees! The summer months do however mean a massive boom in drone operations, especially for wedding photography and video production as well as event and marketing filming and work involving the waves!

Restrictions Eased! 

July has been the first month since March 2020 where there has been a sense of normality in Britain. With the majority of government restrictions eased, weddings can now take place with more than 30 people and we have seen the return of large-scale live events and festivals, as well as an increase in TV & Film drone work being completed. There have also been more marketing videos being produced by members than ever before as well as more and more roof inspections. With our new 'White Label Job Portal', members can network and share jobs more effectively than ever before!

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

Member Showcase

If you remember from our previous newsletters, we showcase a range of work our members have shared in the Private Network Group over the past 30 days. Every month, we will be featuring some of the members and partners who highlight the value of the Drone Safe Register.

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

A Focus On Customer Experience

This month we've made an effort to make it as easy as possible for customers to book professional, commercial drone operators through our network. We have 5 unique methods for potential customers and clients to find a commercial drone operator through Drone Safe Register. In particular, we have put a particular focus on the networking aspect of jobs and collaborations between members. It's very exciting seeing members come together, and with the easing of restrictions, it's the perfect time! We've also made improvements to the Online Booking service.

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

Social Media Showcasing

We're hard at work showcasing the supreme talent of our commercial network to the world of social media. 

Every weekday on Instagram, we've been showcasing some of our members impressive aerial photography! Don't want to miss out on the action? Send us a DM and we'll feature some of your work! 

You may have also noticed we've increased and optimised our advertising of services and platform features on behalf of our members to showcase their talent and works they can complete.

Do you want tips on boosting your social media presence? Let us know!

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

Drone Safe World & Coverdrone

Drone Safe World represents the very best in the drone business - worldwide! That's why we partner with the best in the business, Coverdrone. Coverdrone offer exclusive discounts for Drone Safe Register Find out all about our partnership with Coverdrone and the further expansion of Drone Safe World.

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

Drone Safe World Rebrand!

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter

Drone Safe Store

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At Drone Safe Store, we've guided hundreds of people on their drone journey. If you know anyone looking to get started with drones, tell them to visit the Drone Safe Store.

Drone Safe Register July 2021 Newsletter


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