Drone Safe Register™ 2020 Round-Up

WOW what a year 2020 has been! There have been ups and downs, as with any year, but this year has been particularly trying for the human race on a global scale. 
In order to look at how far we have come, we have to look back on the trials and tribulations we have been through this year. 
We would firstly like to say that our thoughts are with anyone that has lost someone dear to them during this time. This pandemic has put into perspective how important family, friends and social communities are to health and well-being. 
Being in an industry that promotes independent working environments makes it even more important for us to continue delivering a safe and supportive network for our members. Not only is the network proving to be a valuable tool for work opportunities and tech advice, but general support and guidance. 
It’s no secret that we have had an extremely busy year here at Drone Safe Register™.
Here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to in 2020…
  • We launched our very own Drone Safe Store in May
  • We launched our Transfer System in July
  • We welcomed new staff in September
In October we had a busy month…We celebrated 5 years of Drone Safe Register™!
We partnered with leading prop-tech innovators InventoryBase to deliver a ‘drone-on-demand’ inspection service.
We launched an A2 CofC membership following the CAA’s roll out of the A2 Certificate of Competency.
We also launched our Partner Accounts program, enabling estate agencies, insurance firms and commercial property managers (to name a few) to streamline their Aerial Data requests.
  • We renewed our partnership with Altitude Angel in November and we are looking forward to seeing how our partnership grows over the next year, with lots of exciting expansion opportunities.
  • We renewed our partnership with Coverdrone for the 4th year!
  • We welcomed a number of new Professional Members from all over the country!
  • We have increased job opportunities through our instant quote system despite a global pandemic!
  • We have witnessed hundreds of relationships form within our closed network group
  • We privately launched on Crowdcube, with a public launch coming soon!

Our Crowdcube Journey so far..
We firstly launched in private, offering investment opportunities as priority to our already established network of industry professionals.
We follow the mantra ‘The right investor invests more than just money…’ That is why we want to hear from our existing members and other drone industry enthusiasts.
We are offering the opportunity to invest in the acceleration of Drone Safe Register™ expansion plans within the drone industry. We have spent five years establishing Drone Safe Register™ as a reputable company promoting the hiring of trained, safe and insured drone operators. This has always been one of the driving forces in the making of Drone Safe Register™ and remains at the heart of the way we operate.
Not only do we have a first mover advantage in the industry, but a deeper knowledge and understanding of the way the drone industry works and a solid foundation of which to build our expansion plans around.
We are now in the position to place lead investors at the forefront of our campaign…
We are looking to raise an additional £50K independently from crowdcube, this would ideally be through either a sole investor or two investors with £25K investment ability.
The share price will be variable, as will the opportunity for yearly dividend release, this can all be discussed on a personal basis.
If you are interested in this opportunity, or know someone that might be, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Boyt, CEO and Founder of Drone Safe Register™, on 01243 882440.
Shortly after we have secured some lead investors, we will be launching publicly on the Crowdcube platform, which is when we think the investments will really pick up!
We also have lots to look forward to in 2021…
  • The launch of our new website is imminent with a brand new instant quote system and aerial stock footage library 
  • 2021 we will test the water in Europe
  • Accelerated Marketing opportunities 
  • Building up our Major Accounts
  • Fingers crossed we can reintroduce events
  • A2 CofC memberships go LIVE 
  • We are re-launching the updated Aerial Stock footage system
Thank you for your support in 2020 – 
Thank you to all of the Drone Safe Register™ members that took advantage of the ‘lifetime membership’ in November! We are really excited to know that you will be on-board with our journey throughout the years to come. 
It is really important to us that we reward our Professional Members with the recognition they deserve, which is why we are introducing the new ‘Certified Gold’ logo. We will be introducing new variations to this logo for Shareholders and Lifetime Members in the new year. 
We will be launching some additional marketing surrounding our members. This will include continued promotions surrounding the services you all offer and more work on promoting you all individually, based on location and specialised skills. 
This campaign will ensure we are rewarding individuals and companies with the recognition they deserve for the service they are providing and their contributions to the company. 
We will be having some much needed time off over Christmas… 
Our opening times are as follows – 
Christmas Eve – Closed
Christmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
Sunday 27th December – Closed
Monday 28th December – Closed
Tuesday 29th December – Open as usual
Wednesday 30th December – Open as usual
New Years Eve – Closed
New Years Day – Closed
Saturday 2nd January – Closed
Sunday 3rd January – Closed
Monday 4th January – Open as usual and ready for 2021! 
Although we will be closed over the Christmas period you can still place orders through the Drone Safe Store, these orders will be completed upon our return in the new year…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thank you for your continued support, we look forward a successful 2021!


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