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Drone filming companies have been around for a few years, but the recent boom in the industry has seen hundreds of new ones appearing.

Some specialise in specific types of work such as film production for film and television, and others use their unmanned aircraft for a range of jobs.

A search on Google will bring up a list of hundreds of drone filming companies in the UK, and it can be confusing if you want to book one. Here are some tips for finding the best one for the work you need.

  • Does the company have experience in the right field? For example, if you need a drone roof inspection or aerial survey, is this the sort of work the pilots have undertaken before? Some jobs require more specialist equipment.

  • Can you see examples of their work? An established drone filming business should have a showreel of examples of projects they have completed. Their website should include examples of aerial photographs. Don’t be afraid to ask whether images displayed are ones they have taken or if they are using other people’s for marketing purposes.

  • Are they approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)? This is a legal requirement for commercial operation of drones in the UK. Approval means pilots have attended a course and passed a test to prove they can fly safely and within the law. It also means they carry Public Liability insurance.

  • How do their prices compare? Choosing cheap drone filming companies isn’t always the best option. Look at the quality of their work and how well matched they are for the project you have. You can obtain quotations from CAA approved pilots on the Drone Safe Register website

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