Drone photography of London is a fantastic way to capture the familiar sights and landmarks of our capital city.

Shots of the Thames, the London Eye and The Tower of London are instantly recognisable. The centre of London’s skyline is changing rapidly as impressive new buildings are erected, and they make a great subject for aerial photography.

The use of drones in congested areas is heavily regulated, and the rules are particularly tight in London. The presence of London City Airport, high volumes of local helicopter traffic and concerns over terrorism are just some of the reasons for this. If you launch a drone without the necessary permissions and safety precautions in place you could end up in serious trouble!

Drone photography in London is best left to the experts. If the images are to be used for commercial purposes, the drone pilot will need to be approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). An experienced operator will know how to build a safety case and approach the relevant authorities for permission to fly.

Most drone photography shoots in London take place early in the morning. This makes the operational side a little easier as there are less members of the public around. It can also mean better pictures as scenes aren’t cluttered with traffic and people. A professional drone filming company will be able to explain what’s possible and advise you on the best way to approach a shoot.

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