Drones offer a state of the art access solution for surveys and inspection work. 

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If you’re wondering how much does a roof survey cost in the UK, this article will give you a good understanding.

Using a drone for a roof survey has many advantages over traditional methods, including

  • Organising scaffolding or a cherry picker can take time. After an initial site survey and some background work, a drone can usually be on site within hours

  • Savings of 60-70% are not unusual when comparing hire of scaffolding and access equipment to booking a drone roof survey

  • A CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved drone pilot operates to a strict code of conduct to mitigate all risks. The normal height risks associated with inspection work involving manpower don’t apply

  • Cameras on drones produce incredibly detailed photographs and video footage, all from a safe distance. Images can be viewed live by surveyors, and a drone pilot can be given instructions as to what needs to be seen

The roof survey cost in the UK can increase if a second person is required. For some jobs a person is needed to operate the drone’s camera while the pilot takes control of the aircraft. An additional person may also be needed to help control traffic and stop members of the public straying into the take off and landing area. If you ask a company how much does a roof survey cost in the uk using a drone, focus on what safety provisions they offer.

The convenience of using a drone for inspection and roof survey work must always be balanced with the need for safety at all times, and a Drone Safe Register pilot will be able to advise you on this.

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