Summer Event Drone Filming

Drones are fantastic but must only be flown at events by professionally trained pilots. 

All qualified pilots must attend ground school, complete an operations manual and be flight tested before the CAA will issue the pilot or company permission. Valid insurance is a must.

No drones can be flown within 150 metres of gatherings of 1000 or more persons. If you have a group of 1000 persons or less, providing the group are within the pilots control the 150m rule is removed completely.

This is why you will see even more close range drone footage pictured within the near future. 

So, if you enter an event that has a drone filming?

  • You must be made aware of activity and have no issues with its planned flights

  • Never can a drone fly over 1000 persons or more.

  • It will be very common to see drones at events for 2016 but if you have any doubts, ensure you find the organiser of the event to confirm the drone has permission to film.

  • All UK Police forces now have ‘drone guidelines’ do check with them if still unsure

  • All drone pilots also require landowners permission to take off from the land the event is being held on.

At Drone Safe Register we have made the process of finding a legal drone pilot very easy. All our pilots have valid insurance and current PfCO status issued by the CAA. Drone Safe Register is also the safest directory to hire a drone pilot from as we check both CAA permissions and insurance before allowing their listings.

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