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With winter fast approaching, it is time for all of us here across the UK to think about getting our homes ready for the battering of the season.

Sometimes, prevention is better than cure but the cost and inconvenience of a traditional roof inspection can mean that we put it off and simply hope for the best.

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This means that damage can occur to the outside of our properties which we don’t know about until that damage can be seen on the interior – more expensive to fix and more inconvenience all round.
Scaffolding or elevated platforms are expensive and there is always a risk of further damage being caused by the inspection process itself.  A drone aerial  inspection in the autumn can allow you to pinpoint any areas that need attention and take care of them before the worst of the weather sets in.

A simple professional drone flight over your property can be accomplished by one of our safe and qualified drone pilots. The photography and videos that they capture can allow you to review your roof in detail to check for chimney damage, loose or missing tiles or blocked and leaking gutters.  If you select a pilot with thermal imaging capabilities, you can also assess the efficiency of your insulation, areas of heat loss and areas of water ingress.

You can use the Drone Safe Register search facility to find your nearest qualified pilots and ask them to provide you with a quote for your property inspection – a relatively small investment now that can save a lot of money in the long term.


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